City of Wind Catchers

An oasis, a city… land of smart people, Yazd.

Desert always has been a challenging situation to live. That is why, most of desert cities have a different kind of architecture. But we dare to say, Yazd has an especial place among desert cities. Wind Catchers and thatched buildings are truly magnificent and glorious. The tallest earthen wind catcher tower is located in this city!

 One of good advantages of this city is that you can go almost everywhere in foot. Although it is a desert city, it has beautiful gardens. Sweets and cotton candies are famous delicious souvenirs of this city.

Since Yazd is a city that protected its style of architecture over centuries; we can say that pure Persian architecture can be seen in it.

People of it cunningly saved it from invaders over years. During Arab invasion and Mongol invasion, this city was like a safe house for Iranians.

Yazd is a religious city too. The greatest Ashoura Festival and Zoroastrian ceremony is accomplished in here.

Venice and Lyon are sisters of Yazd city.

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All of this city is known as a world heritage site by UNESCO. We hardly picked a few of them just to show you a piece of greatness of this city.

yazd food

A unique city like this one surly has unique recipe too. Do you wish to know what they are?

As a main road for travel and trading, this place was a perfect location for lords to settle. some of their houses  are really beautiful and well made.


A Wide Slections of Goodies





cotton candy


Noghl Yazdi


Nan sorouk

Yazd Highlights

Fahraj Village


Yazdi potages

Ashora Festival

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