Great Kingdom of Gardens. A city which you will fall in Love.

Where is Shiraz?

If one could shape the word paradise into a physical form, it would be Shiraz.

Shiraz, the kingdom of great kings and poets. The birthplace of love and harmony. 2500 years of history will leave no doubt of its culture. A city  that has always been the cross path of Persian emperors and kings since the Achaemenid Empire.

Pasargadae and Persepolis, gems of Achaemenian era, are two essential reasons to place this city on top of your list. Just a look at the magnificent sight of the Persepolis complex can make you wonder about  Persian architecture.

This admirable city is a place where you can find an arcadia in it piece by piece. Each mansion has its own fascinating story. Every garden has a tale of love and war inside the roots of its cypress trees. Saadi’s Fish Pool bears your wishes so that they come true. Culture and costumes in Shiraz are exemplary. Festivals and foods are quite amusing and fun.

the splendid architecture of historical buildings exhilarates any architect. Nasir Al-Molk Mosque evokes your adoration and bring you to peace with yourself.

The City of mysteries, the city of pleasure, the city of love, a city that God made as the mirror of Paradise.



Gardens that mirrors Heaven! the heavenly gardens of Shiraz are a must to visit. 

Who wants to taste some yummy food? even vegetarians can enjoy it! 

shiraz food

the historical buildings of Shiraz are combine of art and nature together. Do you want to see them?

Three Top Things to Do in Shiraz

All cites have some unwritten customs. These are three top things to do or else you will regret later!


Eat Faloodeh Behind Karim khan Arg


Throw a coin in Saadi's Fish Pool


Take a Fal to have your fortune told in Hafezieh

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