Iran Dress Code

What shall I wear in IRAN?!

Most people think when they travel Iran,according to the dress code of Iran, they should cover them self from top to toe. But to be realistic, it's not like that at all! of course there are some rules to cover yourself a bit more but they are not that severe. to avoid any misunderstanding, we prepared this article for you. please read it and choose best outfit.

Iran dress code
Iran dress code
Iran dress code

Codes For Woman

as a rule for Iran dress code, all woman must cover their hear, parts of their neck, chest and legs. if you travel there and see for your self, you will find out that this rule dose not taken seriously that much. mostly just a little bit of the head is under scarf. sometimes the only thing that holds the scarf is the sunglasses. best outfit is manteau or tunic with a scarf and loose pants. you can wear skirts too but remember it should be long and loose. color of your dresses won't be an issue cause you are free to choose any color.


Codes For Man

It is a bit easier for men. just cover your chest an legs. T shirts and gins seems like a good choice. short sleeves are fine. just avoid shorts, britches and trousers. sandals are fine too. there are no roles for coloring. you can wear any color.

Formal Outfit

Like most countries, formal outfit includes suit. there are no special parameter for men but it's a bit different for woman. try to use formal mantou and pants. headdress is obligatory as expected.

Iran dress code

There are no obligation on wearing "Chador"  except for mosques and religious shrines. Consider this, all these rules apply when you are in public places. in indoors, you are free to wear what ever you want.

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