Historical Buildings of Yazd

Considering that Yazd is a desert City with Hot and dry climate, we expect wind catchers and adobe construction. And Yazd truly has amazing earthen building. But surprisingly, we can see many gardens and green area. This is telling us that Architectures of Yazd is super magnificent.  Gardens in middle of the dessert is a sign of their high knowledge in water system and qanats. 

You would be surprise to know that Yazd has the tallest adobe wind catcher in the world. Let us show you how amazing this city can be. 

Yazd Architectur

Zoiaeeye School

Zoiaeeye School

This mysterious place has many myths behind it. Some say that Alexander the great built if for governmental prisoners. Some say it was built by Zahhak, the mythological cruel king of Persia. Existence of a huge deep well in it supports these suspicions. But what is the true usage of this building?

Today, researchers believe that the well is simply just a source of water and had no usage as a prison. It might be possible that Alexander have built a prison nearby, but passing of time made it vanish. Ziaeeye School has over 10 century’s old. Like most of Yazd historical buildings, brick and adobe are main materials of it. It was told that dome of it had azure and golden design. Unfortunately, today most of is gone. Architecture of Ziaeeye School is in Azari Style.  There is also a museum, a Persian style coffee shop and a store of souvenirs.

Jameh Moque of Yazd

Climax of faith and art. An excellent piece of work with a superb architecture. Jameh Mosqe of Yazd.

Jameh Mosque of Yazd is built in a 100-year period. Like most of old Mosque, base of this mosque is an Atashkadeh. In Timurid Empire, they shaped the ruins into a Mosque.

Elegant style of Azari architecture is truly admirable. Jameh Mosque of Yazd is proud to have The Tallest Minarets in Iran. Do-pouste dome and innovation in lighting way of inside space are indeed intellectual. By plastering inside walls, they used reflection rule for more light in the morning. Do-pouste dome helps to control inside temperature.

Like Isfahan mosque, blue is main color of building. Tile works are an inductor of a universal harmony. Mosaic tiles bearing angular kufic and brick works have created an spectacular sight.

If wish to be lost for time in a ecstasy, pay a visit ti Jameh Mosque of Yazd.

Jameh Moque of Yazd
Yazd Atashkadeh

Yazd Atashkadeh

Fire is symbol of purity in Persia. They believe that sunlight shall not see the sacred fire. Therefore, Zoroastrian built their fire temples to keep the sacred fire burning inside. Persian call their fire temples “Atashkadeh”.

It might interest you that the sacred fire of Yazd Atashkadeh is burning for more than 1500 years!

Construction of Atashkadeh was built in         . Budget of it was sponsored by India Persians. Architecture of it was inspired by Achaemenian. There is a pool near the building to fulfil the water and fire aspect. Ritual of Zoroastrians is still perform in Atashkadeh and by consider some rules, you may enter and witness the ceremony!

Jashn Sadeh or hundred ceremony is a feast that is celebrated in 10-th bahman month (January 30). It is an splendid event that belongs to ancient Persians.

Dolat-Abad Garden

A paradise in the middle of a wasteland. A good example of Persian genius and skill of architecture. Dolat-abad garden.

The garden was built in Afshariye dynasty. This garden is a good example of Architectur skill of Persians. The tallest earthen wind catcher tower of the world is built for this garden! It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Founder of Dolat-abad garden was one of the greatest tribe chiefs of Yazd. This is why that this garden has a great mansion with extraordinary view. Glass work of the mansion is outstanding. Especially in the morning. Mirror hall and Andaroony are other attractions of garden.

Bagh Dolat Abad
Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Amir Chakhmaq complex is a historical square in Yazd. Complex includes a mosque, karvansara, tekyeh, a bathhouse and a confectionery. This complex was built in 15 century. Architecture of this complex is exemplary in harmony and shape.
Some kind of dance of light can be seen in Amir chakhmaq complex. When they turn the light on at night, an orange light shall play with your mind. It is eyeful sight you can’t miss!
The buildings of this square includes a very old mosque, haji qanbar bazaar, amir chakhmaq tekye a two Ab anbars.
Amir Chakhmaq complex has various kind of historical building in it. This place is a perfect choice for walking at night.
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