Varzaneh Safari Tour

As you go up the desert you will find a vast expanse of sandy, clean sand and dunes all around. What sets this desert apart from other Iranian deserts is the different winds that give sand dunes different shapes such as longitudinal, crescent and pyramidal sand dunes and create landscapes that exemplify in The country is very small and That’s why we offer Varzaneh Safari Tour.

Due to its proximity to the Gavkhoni Wetland and the moisture of the wetland, this desert has a variety of vegetation. The desert has 4,000 hectares of desert where you see mostly shrub and scrub trees as vegetation.

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+4 Pax


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Adventure, Safari

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Varzaneh Safari Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Starting – Isfahan

Starting our adventure from Isfahan, Varzaneh safari tour, we will go to Varzaneh Village, in this route visit Qortan Castel; the Sassanian Castle where people live there now, beside the international Gav Khoni Lagoon, O/N in local home  

Varzaneh Safari Tour - Gavkhoni Lagoon
Varzaneh Safari Tour
Day 2: Safari - Varzaneh

Varzaneh, an amazing and historical city that companion ships of mud and brick building and white hejab of women enchants the eyes, today we will visit the only traditional smother, Water Savior in this village, beside traditional weaving workshops, then head our way to Gav Chah, hiking around this desert village and enjoy the warm hospitality of Iranian 

Day 3: Hiking – Sandboarding

Today we will go hiking and sand-boarding in the sandy hills in Varzaneh desert, a unique experience that you have in this fascinating desert, then back to advanced camping.

Varzaneh Safari Tour - Sandboarding
Varzaneh Safari Tour
Day 4: Departure Day

Our Varzaneh safari tour will finish today, we can head back to Isfahan or if you like we can visit historical site of Naein; such as Narin Castle, Jame’ Mosque and Aba Bafi workshops.

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