Yazd Food

Food is a very important factor in any situation. People wish to enjoy their meal and it is a fact.

Most ancient cities have their own recipes. Yazd foods tasty and healthy. Sometimes even used as medicine! but don’t worry, I assure you they are delicious. 

Yazd also has many yummy sweets and cookies. The flavor and taste of them is so good yjat attracts sweet lover all over Iran!

In this part, we shall have a look on top  Yazd foods  and sweets.

Khoresht Beh-Alou (Quince and Plum Stew)

khoresht beh_alou

Combination of quince and plum are giving this food a sour-sweet flavor. It is a tasty local food. Stew usually serves with rice in Persia. Khorsht Beh-Alou is mostly served in autumn. Alou, quince, meat, cotyledon, saffron, lemon, sugar, black pepper, ginger and Dried limes are ingredients of this food. 

Gojeh and Bademjan Khoresht (tomato and eggplant stew)

A perfect choice for lunch! It is a very nutrient and delicious food. You can fill up your energy for whole day by eating it! Gojeh and bademjan Khoresht is made of beef muscle meat, beans, eggplant, oil, sour grape, Tomato paste, potato, pepper and turmeric.

Qeyme Nokhod (Chickpea stew)


Qeyme Nokhod is like other Qeymes but has a small difference. This Qeymeh has chickpeas instead of cotyledon. Other ingredients are chickpea, veal, tomato paste, dried limes, saffron, potato, onion, turmeric, salt and pepper. 

Qaliye Kadou (Pumpkin Stew)

Qaliye Kadou is a perfect cure for colds and it also a good source of antioxidants which somehow makes it anticancer! But don’t get me wrong, it is still a local food. Qaliye Kadou is made of pumpkin, red beans, vetch, oil, onion, salt, pepper, sugar, turmeric, cinnamon, walnut and Coconut powder.

Yazd Stew

Stew is a popular food in Iran. All cities have their own recipe. Yazd stew is something that gather families around in parties. Yazd stew is made of Potato, onion, oil, meat, tomato paste, cinnamon and sometimes carrots. This food usually serves with fresh bread and vegetables, and sometimes yoghurt.


Qottab Yazdi

Baghlava Yazdi


Pashmak Yazdi

Noghl Yazdi

Nan sorouk

Yazdi Cakes

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