Iran Safari Tours

Surfing in nature today is not only confined to highland forests, but also thanks to advances in technology and increased awareness and, of course, a sense of diversity, desert and desert areas have become popular. Because of their unique location, these areas stimulate a sense of curiosity and search in all adventurers hence drive them to their destination. Fluid sands, special vegetation and animals, a sense of discovery of the unknown, and the difficulty of navigating the desert are alluring. Here Iran Zhino Tours present Iran Safari Tours for travelers, wants to experience intriguing adventure …

What do you gain on Iran Desert Tours?

First of all the excitement of the Iran desert tours creates a memorable and beautiful experience. On the Safari Desert Tours, we will surf desert, safari on desert rolls, camel riding, hiking in the dunes, and watching the beautiful sunset likewise touch natural attractions and experience hardship of living in the wild without urban facilities. Besides, On the desert night, you are invited to star celebration, to enjoy the memorable night with a cup of tea.

Above all, Iran desert safari and desert trekking are led by highly skilled and qualified guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and vast knowledge of the natural world, history, and culture of Iran. So explore the beauty of Iran deserts and its secrets within. Finally, get a taste of the distinctive Iranian traditions and culture and enrich your knowledge and experiences in life with our Iran desert trekking.

Forsaking the dull coast …

Base yourself in World’s hottest point 

Say yes to new adventures …

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