City of Museums

Tehran truly has all elements of fun and beauty. This city doesn’t have a very long record like Shiraz or Isfahan. But don’t underestimate the potential of tourism in this city.

Capital of Iran surely is modern but historical constructions of Tehran are pretty outstanding in architecture and design. Qajar and Pahlavi kings had chosen this city as their capital. Therefor they built many splendid buildings in it. Thanks to them, this city has many visitors for its palaces.

We can say, it is a city of museums. Variegated subject of museums is creditable. Museum of jewelry is quite eye catching. Also art fascinated people would enjoy  Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tehran is filled with shopping centers. Most of modern ways to have fun exists in it. You can get most of your souvenirs from Mall centers. Nature and food tourism of Tehran are fascinating! Darakeh and Darband are wise choices for spending a delicious day.  Choose one of our topics and take the best decision.

Towers and Mall Centers

Of course a capital like Tehran  has modern Towers and Shopping centers to be both be amazed and have fun. Check them out now!

Niyavaran Palace Tehran

Palaces and Mansions

Since this city was the capital for three dynasty, it has magnificent palaces and mansions. Architecture of them is admirable.

Historical Buildings

Delicate European-Persian architecture can be recognized in over the city. All this Buildings have their own story.  

Hasan Abad Square
Javaherat museum Tehran

Almost all kind of subject have a museum in this city. These museums has worldwide fame. Visiting them is fun and necessary.

Tehran Highlights



Shah Abd-Al-Azim


Ski resort

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