Iran Boutique Hotels

Iran is known as a four season country. This means at least four different kind of architecture. A splendid aspect of Iran is the magnificent architecture and shape of buildings. For those who wish to be more attached to Persian Architecture, Iran boutique hotels are the best option for settlement.

Iran Boutique hotels have various features, because of different architecture style of each city. These Hotels are beautiful and functional. Most of them are old huge mansions which have been repaired but there are boutique hotels that have odd shape too. Iran boutique hotels have most of accouterments of a good hotel. One of the good things about them is the Persian atmosphere of these hotels.

In this page we are about to familiar you to top 6 cities boutique hotels. Just remember 2 things:

One: By clicking the name of the city, you shall see the introduction of it.

Two: By clicking the pictures of the city, you shall see daily tours of it.

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