Shiraz Yummy Food


Food tourism is an important part of any travel. Surely you don’t wish to eat just any random distasteful food! Especially when it comes to Shiraz yummy food!  One will not travel to Italy and eat just any food. People taste pizza or pasta of Italy without a doubt!

Shiraz is a paradise for tourists all over the world. Not just because of the history and culture but because of the yummy food of Shiraz. Various kind of desserts and food with tasteful look will attempt any one to taste some of it.

That is why we made a list of Shiraz yummy food. Read it and enjoy it.

Polo Shirazi

Kalam Polo Shirazi

Rice is a very popular material for food in Shiraz. So you are about to see many recipes with rice in it which are truly yummy. Tah-chin or polo Shirazi is perfect food for those who like rich foods. Ingredients of it includes rice. Chicken, eggplant, barberry, saffron and yoghurt. Polo shirazi serves with yoghurt and torshi.

Kalam polo is actually means rice and cabbage. You will surprise to know this food really has good flavor. Good smell of it is because of redolent vegetables (dill, leek, basil, tarragon). Meatballs and spices are other ingredients of it. It is a very nutrient and delicious food. Kalam polo usually serves with dough and salad Shirazi.


Rob Polo


Eshkane is kind of soup. So it is a good choice for dinner. Egg, onion, mint and fenugreek are the ingredients of this soup. Eshkane is served with bread and fresh vegetables. This one is good for vegetarians.

Rob polo means rice with sauce. Another good food for vegetarians. Rob polo is made with pomegranate sauce, walnut, sugar and onion. Salad Shirazi and fresh vegetables are mostly serves with rob polo.

Do Piazeh Aloo


do piaze aloo

An easy tasty snack! A good choice for vegetarians. Some potato, tomato and onions are all you need. Do-piaze alou is usually served with fresh vegetables and bread.

A tasty food which is made of meat, potato, Pease, onion and spice. This is a nutrient food that usually serves with dough and fresh vegetables.

Koufteh Holu

Dampokht Shirazi


A yummy meatball! To make a good peach Koufteh, you should blend Mince Meat, eggs, pea flour, onion and carrots and shape as size of a peach. Then put some fried onion and walnut in it and fry it. Peach Koufteh mostly is eaten with bred.

Many dampokhtak kinds are served in Iran. Each one has their own recipe. Shirazi kind of it is made of cabbages, lentil, onion, carrots, tarragon, basil, dill and spice. As you can see, there are no meat in this food. So vegetarians can easily enjoy this meal.

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