Shiraz Historical buildings

An ancient city like Shiraz surly has many historical building and places to visit. 

We made you a list of top places to make it easy for you to choose. 

pink mosque

Pink Mosque

A complication of art and Sufism. A place to both wonder and cantillation. “Nasir-ol-molk Mosque”. This charming peace of art is actually a Mosque. It is a place for praying; and what can contact us to God better than beauty? Nasir-ol-molk Mosque was built in Qajar dynasty. It took 12 years to build such an amazing work. Restoration, protection, and maintenance of this monument is being continued by the Endowment Foundation of Nasir-ol-Molk. Colored glasses of this mosque literally makes the light dance. Best time to witness this dance is 8 am. Qashanies of the mosque are alone a reason to come. The architecture of the mosque is particularly unique. The calmness and positive energy of this place will make your day. Come to this mosque and take some of the best pictures of your life!

Quran Gate

Shiraz was famous to have seven gates of entrance. Quran gate hold a special place among them. This gate is the only gate that has remained safe and sound so far. Other reason is that there used to be a Quran on top of the gate. People believe if they Cross the gate, they shall have a safe journey. Quran gate was built in twelve century. By the order of ruler of Fars Adud ad-dawla, the gate was built for safety of passengers. Grave of Khajoy kermani is in less than ten steps away. Quran is between Chehel maqam mountain and Baba kohi mountain. So it basally was built in a valley. Because of good weather and beautiful view, people go to picnic there in their free time.


An adventurer, a poet, a theosophist… all at the same time! Saadi is a very popular person in all over the world. His two books “Bustan” and “Gulistan” have been read and commented by famous writers like “ Jan Rypka”. He had a very challenging life. He started his work as an evangelist. Therefore he traveled many places. India, China, Iraq… he even captured as a slave and forced to work as a miner for 7 years. This event happened during the crusader.  Later he was bought and set free. After coming back to his home town after 30 years, he started to write his masterpieces, bustan and gulistan. He had a huge amount of influence on western poets like “Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”  and "Voltaire". His tomb now is a safe house for literature  lovers. Beautiful architecture, peaceful atmosphere, color full flowers and fountain of wishes are the reasons to visit this place. There is a local fiction about fountain of Saadi. They say if you feed the fishes and throw a coin in it, your wish will come true. So…what are you waiting for?!

hafez tomb


Once upon a time, in a small house in the city of love, there lived a little boy. A baker who called Mohammad. His family were poor so he worked day and night to provide for them. Since kids back then didn’t have any Xbox or iPad, he took interest in knowledge and learning. He memorised the Quran in childhood, because of that, people called him “Hafez” means a memoriser. By the time he got young, he found a place in court as a scribe and an officeholder. He began writing poems about the political things and he was good at it. Till the magic happened. In a refreshing spring morning, our young poet was siting in a caravansary and suddenly there she was, a beautiful Maiden, delicate as a  cherry blossom, was approaching On a back of a camel. It was love on first sight for him! Did our young poet do anything? Well unfortunately no. Was He freezed? Was he shy? No one knows for sure. And the girl didn’t stick around to find out. She left with Hafez heart and never came back. Our young poet was despaired to find her, but it was to late. Out of grief and separation pain, he wrote the most romantic sonnet’s. Sonnets so beautiful that still recommended for fixing a ruined relationship! Out of a mundane love, he reached a heavenly love. A love for creator himself. A love so strong that made him an Aref. People all around Iran came to visit him. Even Teymoor Khan the Mongolian king changed his mind about destroying Shiraz just because he talked to him for a few minutes. Hafez refused to ran off from the city even when the Mongolian army was outside the gates. Such great man’s tomb is worthy to visit indeed. His tomb is filled with  a numinous energy, a feeling of relief will consume you as soon as you get close to it. Scent of Flowers, sweet voice of fountains, wind in grass and of course the tomb itself are things to look forward to.
zinat al-moluk house

Zinat Al-moluk House

Zinat Al Molluk House is another one of Qavam family heritage. This house has a beautiful architecture and story! Some say there is a hidden way under the house that connected this house to Qavam House. Rumor has it that owners of theses two hose were secretly in love! Zinat Al Molluk House is the only traditional house that has a basement as big as the whole house. You can see waxing figures of famous people like Hafez or Sadee. This has house has over 20 brooms which is really amazing. Mirror works and tilings of the house is amazing. Zinat Al Molluk House also built in Qajar dynasty. Beautiful garden of this house makes a perfect match with the small pool of it.paintings and diaphoretics of the house will make admire the architecte a lot!

ghavam house

Qavam House

A powerful family’s legacy. Some piece of work in Qajar era… Qavam house is a place to experience wonder and joy. Architecture of historical houses of Shiraz are truly wonderful. Qavam house surly is not an exception. This house which calls “Naranjestan Qavam” too is a great example of Qajar era architecture. Stunning mirror work and tiling of the building is very enjoyable to watch. Qavam family were actually tycoons. The power of this family goes through history a lot. They were in important jobs during Zand, Qajar and Even Pahlavi era. Qavam Houses is one of so many buildings which they have made. Orangery and flowers of the garden of the house is very pleasant to watch, especially in spring. Wall painting of the house is truly very beautiful. There is a romance about this house that we will tell you in Zinat ol molk article.

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