Shiraz Gardens

When we talk about Shiraz, one would surly think of Shiraz heavenly gardens. These gardens have worldwide popularity. the heavenly gardens of Shiraz have been mentioned in many travelogues. In this article, we are about to show you the heavenly side of Shiraz. 

Eram Garden of shiraz

History, beauty, harmony, all factors of perfection can be found in Eram Garden.
Eram Garden was built in the thirteenth century. It was actually the home of the chief of Qashqai tribe, one of the oldest tribes in Fars Province. Later in the Pahlavi era, Eram Garden became a public garden. Nowadays, Eram Garden is also a place for lovers to meet on dates!
There is a huge mansion in the middle of the Garden, which is a masterpiece of tiling and architecture. There is a tall handsome cypress tree in front of a large fountain that is called “Sarv-e-naz” which means the lovely/sweet cypress tree. It is a very old tree and has a perfect balance in shape and form which makes it unique. Various other trees, flowers and fountains have made Eram Garden a charming place to confess your love or propose!
Love attractions are not the only reason to visit Eram Garden. There is a museum of gemstones which has many beautiful and rare gems in it. Eram Garden also has a café that serves tea, sorbets, juice,ice cream,  and of course, faloodeh.
Eram Garden has the most beautiful locations to take the best profile pictures! Surly you do not want to miss that!

Delgosha Garden of Shiraz

The oldest garden in Shiraz. A garden so beautiful that Tamerlane ordered to build a garden just like Delgosha Garden in Samarkand as soon as he saw the sight of it! 

In the spring, Delgosha Garden is like a safe house for stressful people. The fragrance sour orange blossoms will stun you. 

Delgosha Garden actually belongs to the Sassanid Empire. It has seen many wars and has been destroyed and rebuilt constantly. It was eventually repaired for a last time in the Zand dynasty.  

Afif abad Garden of shiraz


A complex of royal mansion, historical weapons, museums, and of course a Persian garden.

Afif-Abad Garden is also known as Golshan Garden. Afif was the name of the last owner of this garden. Afif-Abad Garden is the oldest garden in Shiraz. The Safavid kings were quite fond of this garden.

The architecture of Afif-Abad garden is a combinations of the architecture of the Sassanid, the Achaemenid, and the Qajar eras. The complex includes an old coffee house, a public bath, and a place for gambling. Of course you can not do gambling there anymore and many scenes from Ferdowsi’s Book of kings have been painted on the walls.


Shapouri Garden of shiraz

The dance of light at night, the sea of Chrysanthemums, a glorious mansion, the shapouri House. The Shapouri House was built between 1930 and 1935.  Its architect was Abolghasem Mohandesi. The innovative architecture and the spectacular sight of this building is quite amazing. A restaurant with delicious Persian food and a luxurious coffee shop are places you should visit when you are really hungry! Beauty is always pleasant to watch.



Al-Jannat garden



jahan nama garden



Qavam house

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