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Yazd Free Walking Tour


4 Hours

Amir Chakhmaq Square

Yazd in One Day

Yazd is mostly like a box full of valuable object! Our Yazd daily tours hardly cover the city. Yazd Daily tours that we provided are Varios and amusing. Villages and other cities are covered in Yazd daily tours. Yazd is somehow the main city of ancient architecture of Persia. Each meter of this city can be count as a daily tour. 

Yazd Daily Tours


Yazd Main Beauties

Towers of Silence-Fire Temple-Dowlatabad Garden-Ziyaeyeh School or Alaxander Prison-Fahadan District 

65 EUR

Yazd Daily Tour

Amir Chakhmaq square -Yazd Grand Mosque – Seyyed Roknodin Shrine – Old District of Town

65 EUR

meybod tour

Meybod Dily Tour

Narin Castle – Chak Chak holy fire temple – cotton weaving factory

75 EUR

Naein Daily Tour

Zarch Qanat – Naein Jameh Mosque – Pirnia House

75 EUR

iran desert tour

Desert Tour

Fahraj Desert

65 EUR

deserted village

Deserted Village

Kharanagh deserted village – Chak Chak zoroastrian site -Aghda, Ardakan and Meybod ancient towers

70 EUR

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