Anar(Pomegranate) Festival

Pomegranate is an absolute favorite to all Iranians. So surly this delicious fruit has some kind of special ritual for its own!

Pomegranate  Persian pronunciation is Anar. Persians believe that Pomegranate is one of the very first fruits that was given to man by God himself. So they call it among Heaven fruits. 

Many provinces of Iran have it but Arsenjan in Fars is the most popular one for it! Kurdestan also has beautiful customs for Anar festival.

Pomegranate Thanksgiving Ceremony

Arsenjan is one of the historical sites of Fars that is located in 1600km north of Shiraz, where there are many monuments. Each year people celebrate Anar harvest in the most glorious way.

With more than 2,500 hectares of pomegranate tree land,  Arsenjan is one of the largest producing centers of pomegranate in Fars Province. 

As we said earlier, pomegranate is considered as a heaven fruit. So the harvest of Pomegranate is recognized as a sacred deed. It is like a thanksgiving ceremony. Singing, dancing and preying are top traditions of Anar festival. 

Making grenadine sauce

Making Pomegranate sauce is another interesting  part of Anar festival. Pomegranate sauce can both a delicious sorbet or be used as a flavoring in food. In Arsenjan, during the pomegranate sauce baking ceremony, some kind of desert that calls Halva is served too. Halva is sweet and really delicious. Si Yan Halva, is baked in the cold seasons. It is rally lovely to eat halva and watch the Anar festival in pomegranate gardens.


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