Lashkar Abad

Who doesn’t like food, huh?! Do you ever wish to eat as much delicious food as you intend, yet not costing you a fortune? Have you ever imagined a street-long food self-service? [ Let me introduce you to Lashkar Abad district in Ahvaz city, Khuzestan Province. Welcome to the place where your dreams surprisingly will come true! Bon Appetit!]


Lashkar Abad street with more than a hundred delis on both sides of it, every night hosts a sprightful symphony of colors, tastes, smells and sounds. Absolutely with your first step into the street you immediately enter a world of life, energy, enjoyment, fun, joy and happiness. In every direction you turn your head, a scene undoubtedly exists to amuse and cheer you up. Whether a young seller amiably inviting you to help yourself in his deli, or cheerful customers joyfully gazing at a variety of attractive eatables.



There are different delightful foods ready for you in Lashkar Abad, from local dishes as “Koppeh”, “Sambuseh” and “Susis bandari” to common meals like kebab and burger. Above all Lashkar Abad is known for its “Felafel”. Counters seem like stunning paintings of rainbows. Spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavors are seductively seated side by side, waiting for you to choose! They are in shapes of salads, sauces, pickles and sliced raw or fried vegetables. Consequently, you’ll feel drowned, but in a pleasant way! You are allowed to put as much and varietal stuffing as you want in your sandwich along with felafel pieces. You are able to combine flavors and invent your own fantastic taste.


After enjoying your heavy yet yummy meal, it’s recommended to take a relaxing walk down the Lashkar Abad street. Every now and then you notice carts serving local coffee and saffron tea with “Dalleh” (a traditional pot). As well as carts selling different sweet local confections including “Zulbia-Bamieh” and several kinds of “Baklava”. The sellers often attract customers by joyful local Arab music, hence the carts are always surrounded by amused people having fun.   


You will be amazed by the sellers’ hospitality in Lashkar Abad. You are treated like a guest. They often call you Aziz(my dear), Baba(my son, daughter) or Amu(my niece, nephew). The friendly smile on their face seems to never fade. It costs you a small amount of money for each sandwich no matter how much you stuff it or how much salad and chips you get on the side. Clearly the business there is based on trust. Most noteworthy you have to pay for as much as you yourself claim to have eaten.


The amazing fact about Lashkar Abad (Anusheh St.) is that it used to be a poor and unsafe neighborhood. Until the locals voluntarily decided to improve their lifestyle by starting to sell felafel in the yards of their houses. Subsequently, they received slight governmental assist with reforming. Undoubtedly Lashkar Abad is one of the limited numbers of places where rich and poor, educated and non-educated enjoy their time side by side together.

Every night the mini-festival of fried food is held in Lashkar Abad. Consequently, hundreds of people attend this carnival of food and music. The stores are also open during the day time in a crowded period of Nowruz (new year holidays in Iran). Visiting Lashkar Abad as a different experience can be the highlight of your historical trip to Khuzestan Province. Honestly, what is life other than savoring the moment?!

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