What Is Nowruz?

Nowruz, this magnificent event  of Persia is celebrated every year in  March equinox. 

The word Nowruz means “New Day”. It is in this very day that the earth completes a cycle around the sun. So basically it is the best opportunity to celebrate a new start! 

The history of this traditional celebration goes back to time of Cyrus the great. When he conquered Babylon, he brought the custom back to Persia. Great  Achaemenid King admired the tradition and honored it as a national tradition.

Inner meaning of Nowruz is to honor coming of spring. In Persian myths, it is the day of defeating Div’s. Div is a mythical creature that is source of all evil. 

, Nowruz is a beloved tradition in all Iranian plateau. But Nowruz in Iran includes more razzle dazzle. We will explain about all these costumes in here!


What is "Haft Seen"?

You probably have heard about Haft Seen. But what is haft Sin? Haft Seen is not a thing. it is a complexe of things! If you put all the items that we included in here on a tablecloth, you can call what you made HaftSeen. The name HaftSeen means “Seven S”. First letter of seven items on table starts with S. Each item is a symbol. Stick around to find out about details of it!



Sir(garlic) is symbol of purifying both body and soul. Garlic also  can refer to contentment. 



Somaq is the color of sun rise. It is symbol of patience and endurance.



Samanu is a symbol of power, goodness and grace. Since it is a nutritious food, it also calls Manmaker. Samanu is made of wheat. It is representative of patience, justice, resistance and power.

Senjed(Russian Olive)


Senjed The symbol of wisdom and birth. It is also the breeder of the emotional forces of man. That ‘s why some believe that Senjed n the table above is a symbol of the love of humans for each other.

Sabzeh(Green Grass)


Sabzeh or green grass is a sign of rebirth and greenness. The green itself also holds the vibration of our thoughts and gives us peace.



Apple is a symbol of health and beauty.  It is customary to put the apple to table by hands of grandmother or grandfather. Because the elders of afamily are always concerned about the health of their family members.

Sepand(wild rue)


There are some myths about wild rue. It has been said that wild rue is acting like an antidote or spellbreaker. It is in there to push away all evilness and enchantments.



Painted Egg


Eggs are signs of fertility, growth, and birth. The bark is a symbol of the sky and the vault of the universe

Mirror and Candlestick


The mirror is a symbol of the image and the light in HaftSin. Fire is also a symbol of the stability of light and heat, which later turned into a candle and lightThere are two candlesticks on either side of the mirror,lighting up with the number of children of the family. The candles are symbols of happiness and enlightenment.

What Do we Do in Nowruz?

Visiting the Elders

Celebrating the new year is a good opportunity to visit the elders and staying with them for a while; to be thankful for having them for another year beside us.  

Giving Eydi

It is a custom that mostly makes the children happy! Elders of family will give the little ones some treat. It could be money or a toy. 

Eating SabziPolo

SabziPolo ba Mahi is actually Rise cooked with vegetables(usually coriander and dill) that serves with fish. This tasty food is served for dinner and it is really delicious!

Cleaning and Redecorating

Cleaning and washing the house is like an inseparable thing from Nowruz! If you walk through the alleys of Iran, you will see men are washing carpets and women are cleaning windows. Kids are busy to help them both!    

Buying New Clothes

The great feeling of shopping gets double in Nowruz! Stores are filled with new stuff and clothes in Nowruz. Crowd might be a little annoying but the small carnivals and Nowruz stores will exhilarate you.

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