Kish Island

kish island is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Iran. Splendid white sand beaches, Persian Gulf, Historical fabrications and Diving are interesting factors for visiting Kish.  

Of Course an island has the best seafood! many restaurants in kish will make you remember the taste of south food.

Kish Island also has many mall centers that can provide souvenirs of your trip! 

Take a look at destinations we prepared for you and make the best choice!

Historical Fabrications


This ancient city is located in north of Kish island. Harireh city has almost 800 years old and it it one of mysterios sites of Iran. Many contractions function is still unknown.

Harireh city remains are including a bathhouse, a mansion, an old mosque, Qanats and a glass workshop. 

Territory of Harireh is 120 hectares. If you like mysterious places, make sure to put this city in your list.

Kariz Underground City

There are many underground cities in all over the world. Kariz underground city is a beautiful of them.

This underground city used to be a long series of Qanats but with recent repairs, it is now a traditional bazar with restaurants and coffee shops. 

It might be interesting for  you to know that Kariz Qnat was built over 2500 years ago. 

Baghou Village

There are times that you wish to relax and be away of crowd. Baghou village is a good destination for that.

This village is a small community of Kish  local people. Historical records shows that this village was the only place that Portuguese were unable to deal with.

You can see some historical fabrication like a mosque that probably belongs to Ilkhanate era. But the real deal is about the trees. Hornbeam trees are is a rare kind of tree that can be found in south of Iran, specially in kish. These huge trees have a strange presence.They can both scare you and calm you down at the same time!

greek ship

The Greek ship was grounded in 1966 near baghou village. There are some  theories about cause of it but non of them are certain. Some say the crew did it for insurance money. Some say lack of a lighthouse did it. Even romance has found away in. Local people say captain of the ship fell in love with a girl and did it on purpose. 

Whatever the reason was, the ship have made a pretty scene of sunset. Other facilities are build around the greek ship beach that are quite good. If you wish to witness a beautiful sunset, do visit this ship!


Marjan beach is the center of fun in Kish island! 

Water sports like diving or jet ski riding is presented in here. Also biking road is passed of here. 

There is a park near this beach that is beautiful and green.

Restaurant and coffee shop can be found near it too!

Kish Island HighLights

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