Isfahan Tasty Food

Isfahan surely is a heaven for architects, but you can also find many tasty food in there too. Foods that can make your travel more joyful. Let’s together see  how tasty they can be.

Qeime rize

Qeime Rize

One can’t go to Isfahan and doesn’t eat Qeime Rize! This food usually serves for dinner because its nutrient. Ingredients of it is mince veal, Chickpea flour, tomatoes, fried onion, oil and dried mint. Qeime Rize is served with fresh vegetables, yoghurt and Torshi.


Ash Somaq

Sumac potage or Ash Somaq is a sour flavor potage. 

This food is very popular food in Isfahan, especially in winter.

Mincemeat, Rice flour, vegetables, sumac and onion are ingredients of it.  

Kale Joush

A good option for vegetarians! A good source of protein and calcium. Bace of this food is curd. Walnut, flour, onion, hot mint and water are the ingredients of Kalleh Joosh. Garlic is an optional choice. Fresh bread makes it taste even better.


Many people usually prepare themselves for Beryani before they even get to Isfahan. It not an option not to eat it. Beryani is made of veal, onion, oil, cinnamon, curd, saffron and dried mint. Isfahanians usually serve Beryani with some Mince boiled sheep’s white liver, stew, curd, basil and dough. If you go to a traditional restaurant in Isfahan, you can get yourself a yummy Beryani.

Halim Bademjan

Halim Bademjan actualy means eggplant meek. We dear to say this is one the most delicious food of Iran. Halim Bademjan is made of veal, fried eggplant, Grated garlic, boiled lentil, Hot Peppermint, saffron and walnut. It is a very nutrient food. Curd and fresh bread are usually serves with this food.

Khorosht Mast

A kind of really tasty food with yoghurt base. Strained yogurt, Beef neck, sugar, yolk, onion, saffron, rose water, salt and turmeric. Some people add a little pistachio peel and barberry for designing it. We especially recommend this tasty food to eat.

Kabab Mashti

Another one of traditional foods of Isfahan with sweet-sour flavor. Isfahan cookers make this this food with mincemeat, Chickpea flour, sager, carrots, vinegar, onion and Isfahan spices. They blend all the ingredients and shape it with their hand. Then they fry it and mix it with some stew. Kabab Mashti usually serves with bread and fresh vegetables.

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