Isfahan Gardens

Complexion Of History And Art

Thanks to Zayanderoud, Isfahan is one of the green cities of Iran. Freshness of air, cool weather and beautiful mansions in gardens will cheer you up. Unfortunately, in Qajar dynasty, most of gardens of this city were destroyed. Mass’oud Mirza Zell-e Soltan, an incompetent prince of Qajar dynasty is responsible for most of destructions of Isfahan. However there are still a few fabrication remained.

Chahar Bagh or four garden is a historical street. It was built in Sfavid era by order of King abbas the first. This historical street is a perfect place to walk and enjoy the view. If you walk along the street, you will reach to “chaharbagh school”. It is building which belongs to Safavid  dynasty. You should know by now, that architecture of Safavid era is absolutely astonishing.    

Flower Garden is another garden which was founded in 1990. This garden is very popular among Isfahan people. Various kind of flower and the architecture of it is quit charming.

  But there is still one piece of work which remained partly safe. Hasht Behesht garden.

Hasht Behesht is a Safavid architecture mansion and garden style. Rumour has it that  mansion was built for eight beloved wives of king Soleiman. Hasht behesht means eight heavens. When you visit the garden, you will realize that the name really fits the mansion!

Beautiful Fantastic Amazing Gardens

hasht behesht

Hasht Behesht

chahar bagh

Chahar Bagh

Flower Garden

Flower Garden

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