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With its winding lanes, forest of Badgirs, Mud-brick old town and excellent range of accommodation options, Yazd Tour prepare one of the highlights of any trip to Iran. This is a place to wonder and get lost in the maze of the historic streets and lanes. The city’s historic center emerges like a phoenix from the desert. Yazd’s old city is one of the oldest towns on earth, according to UNESCO, and is the perfect place to get a feel for the region’s rich history that we will surf in Yazd city tour.

Tour Specs:






305 $

Group Size:

+ 2 Pax

Travel Style:



Zein al Din Caravansary

Tour Services:

2 nights stay in 3 / 4 star hotel

English advanced guide

All entrance fees


Mid-day snack

Yazd Tour Itinerary

Being your adventure through the “City of Wind Catchers” on Yazd tour. Wondering through the Old City streets and visiting the stunning three story Amir Chakhmaq complex; its rows of perfectly proportioned sunken alcoves are at their best, and most photogenic, around the sunset, beside Jame Mosque; with stunning tile work at 12th century, also you will visit a precious architecture of Zoroastrian Sites; Fire Temple and Silence towers; both are most important sits for Zoroastrian in the world.

In the hearth of this sandy desert city, you will find a garden with a giant Wind Catcher Minaret, orchard and fountain , Dowlat abad Garden, but please don’t forget to visit Saheb-al Zaman Zorkhaneh; which is worth seeing both for Iranian brand of body building and because it’s a quite an amazing structure. 

We have an amazing Night Camp in one of the oldest Caravansary in Yazd, here you have chance to sleep under the starry sky And enjoy the silence of nature.

Yazd Tour - Amir Chakhmaq

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