Incredible Persia Tour

Incredible Persia Tour is unbelievably rich in nature sightseeing combined with exploring Iran’s history where you have an opportunity for Inspiring experiences. Visiting pristine mangrove forests, colorful mountains and valleys and beautiful beaches in southern Iran until visiting historic buildings in central and northern Iran is a unique opportunity to adventure and explore Iran.

Persia Tour Specs:

Group Size:

+4 Pax

Cities To Surf in Persia Tour:

Tehran, Qeshm Island, Hengam Island, Hormoz Island, Bandar Abbas Port, Kish Island, Hendourabi, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan.

Travel Style:

Adventure, Cultural






1530 $

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14 nights accommodation in 3/4 star hotel

Experience English advanced guide

All entrance fees


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Persia Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Tehran

Upon you arrive, our guide is waiting for you to greeting and transfer to your hotel / O/N Tehran

Day 2: Tehran City Tour

Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, and warm friendly people, today we have full city tour in Tehran, your Persia tour will start by visiting Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site); a glorious monument to the glories and excesses of the Qajar rulers, beside National museum; full of Iran’s rich history, Carpet Museum; houses more than 100 pieces dating from the 17th century to the present day; and then labyrinthine of Mellat Park; where you meeting Iranian and enjoying their warm hospitality, O/N Tehran

Iran Nomad Tour - Tehran City Tour
Incredible Persia Tour - qeshm

Day 3: Qeshm Island

Early morning, flight to Qeshm; the largest island in Persian Gulf, fringed with biological diverse mangrove forest, and attractive beaches, we will visit this Geo island site including Star valley; another wonder of Qeshm Island, Chahkooh Canyon; Wonderful view of the erosion of the sedimentary rocks of the earth, Naz Island, O/ N Qeshm

Day 4: Hengam Island

Our adventure will be start in early morning throughout Hengam island; is known for wild life including birds, gazelles and dolphins, we have boat riding for visiting Dolphins, if you are lucky and either have some little fish or food, they come to play with you, then we head to Mangroves forest; the largest Mangrove forest in Persian Gulf, after local cuisine food, we will visit Laft Village and relax in classic tea houses and meet the friendly local in this village, O/N Qeshm   

Incredible Persia Tour - hengam
Incredible Persia Tour - Hormoz

Day 5: Hormoz Island

Being your adventure through the sleepy Hormuz Island; this Island is a popular destination for geology  buffs, who come to see Rainbow Valley, with its spectacular landscape of different-colored volcanic rocks and soils, then back to Qeshm, and you are free to whatever you like, but we offer a stunning walk through the unique beaches, O/N Qeshm

Day 6: Bandar Abbas port

We continued our tip to Bandar Abbas by Landy Crafts, in morning, and devoted to visiting Indian temple, and one of the largest fish market in Iran, then flight to Kish Islands, the other diamond island in Persian Gulf, O/ N Kish

Incredible Persia Tour - Bandar Abbas
Incredible Persia Tour - Kish

Day 7: Kish Island

Kish, with clean beaches, moderate building and shopping centers, the duty-free shopping, a beach resort where visitors can swim, shop, and sample of laid-back and relatively liberated local life style. Today you will visit ancient site of Harrireh; artifacts found during excavation of this settlement indicate that it was established around 1000 AD, beside Kariz, in the evening, you can labyrinthine and cycling through the beaches, and enjoy your Persia tour. O/N Kish

Day 8: Hendurabi

Hendurabi is a calm island, with beautiful sandy beaches and amazing rocks that have make it a great place for enjoying, swimming, and taking sunbath. Coral density in the north of island’s coast turn it to a very important inhabited for aquatic. Beside this aquatic, we mention other kind of brain coral, yellow tail tuna fish, Picasso, parrot fish, esc. Visit turtles which come to beach to posit in middle of March to June. Diving in deep water of Persian Gulf and visit wonder of Hendurabi, and don’t forget to walk on the beautiful and silver beaches, O/N Kish

Incredible Persia Tour - Hendourabi
Iran City Tours - Hafezieh - Shiraz

Day 9: Shiraz

Shiraz has become synonymous with education, nightingales, poetry, and wine. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital during Zand dynasty. In the morning flight to Shiraz, after some rest, start our adventure in this city and visiting Eram Garden; UNESCO Listed garden was laid out during the Qajar era but incorporates elements from an earlier Seljuk landscape, Tomb of Hafiz;Hafiz is an important Iranian poet, after that visiting Zand cital; this burly fortress was built in the early Zand period and formed part of the royal court of Karim Khan Zand, beside beautiful and impressive Vakil Mosque; and Bazaar, O/N Shiraz

Day 10: Shiraz Exploring

Early morning, visiting Nasir-al Molk Mosque, the most elegant and photographed Mosque in the southern Iran, Narenjestan Garden; a huge courtyard planted with rows of palm and orange trees, Saadie; it is a tranquil place, with the tomb stone housed in an open-sided stone colonnade built during the Pahlavi era, and the most astonishing mirror decoration of Ali-ibn Hamze Holy Shrine, O/N Shiraz   

Exploring shiraz
Incredible Persia Tour - Perspolis

Day 11: Persepolis - Isfahan

Continued our trip to Isfahan, en route visit, the majesty site of Necropolis and Persepolis; Old Persian capital city 500 B.C, then drive to Isfahan, O/N Isfahan

Day 12: Isfahan

Isfahan; the number-one tourist destination and important Islamic buildings gives it a visual appeal unmatched by any other Iranian city, today we have exploring Naghsh-e Jahan square as a UNESCO Heritage Site and the second large square in the world, beside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; the perfect complement to the overwhelming richness of the larger Emam Mosque, the elegant Emam Mosque; with its iconic blue-tiled mosaics and its perfect proportions, Ali qapu Palace; built at the very end of the 16th century as a residence for Shah Abbas I, and the fascinating Bazaar, after some rest; you can visit Bridges ( sio-se Pol & Khajo), O/N Isfahan

Incredible Persia Tour - Lotfollah Mosque
Incredible Persia Tour - Exploring Isfahan

Day 13: Isfahan City Tour

Our tour continued by visiting Chehel Setoun Palace; the only surviving palace on the royal precinct, Vank Cathedral; is the historic focal point of Armenian Church in Iran, Jame Mosque; one of Iran’s most beautiful buildings, O/N Isfahan

Day 14: Abyaneh – Kashan

Serenely and ancient village of Abyaneh is a warren of steep, twisting lanes and crumbling red-mud-brick houses with lattice windows and fragile wooden balconies. Take a wonder through the traditional village of Abyaneh and labyrinthine alley of this village, meet original Persian and enjoy the warm hospitality of Iranian, then drive to Kashan, O/N Kashan

Incredible Persia Tour - Abyaneh
Incredible Persia Tour - Classic Tour

Day 15: Kashan – Tehran (departure)

Kashan as a beauty, delightful oasis and historical city and visit Fin Garden; designed for Shah Abbas I in the 16 century, and is renowned as being the very epitome of the Persian garden, Broujerdi house; made distinctive by its six-sided, domed Badgirs, the house boasts frescoes painted by Kamal al-Molk, the foremost Iranian artist of the time, and Sultan Mir Ahmad Bath; this 500 years old bath is superb example of Iranian Bathhouse, beside Kashan historic Bazaar, then drive to Tehran, transfer to IKA, End of incredible persia tour and go home

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