Bride of Persia Tour

Our two weeks Bride of Persia Tour gives you the best chance to explore Iran. From paddy fields to blizzards to the original Garden of Eden, this region will shatter your preconceptions of Iran. Western Iran has witnessed many of civilization’s great empires, with fortunes oscillating between trading glories and military decimation. The deeply hospitable region lacks the iconic gem-city sites of central Iran so its often skipped by first time western visitors.  

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1860 $

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+2 Pax


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Cultural, Historical

Bride of Persia Tour -Trip Map

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15 nights accommodation in 3/4 star hotel

Experience English advanced guide

All entrance fees


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Bride of Persia Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Tehran

Upon you arrive your Bride of Persia tour starts, our guide is waiting for you to greeting and transfer to your hotel / O/N Tehran

Day 2: Tehran City Tour

Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, and warm friendly people, visit Saad abad Palace; a royal summer home during Pahlavi era, National Museum; and Abgineh Museum, O/N Tehran

Bride of Persia Tour - Tehran City Tour
Bride of Persia Tour - Qazvin

Day 3: Qazvin

Early morning, drive to Qazvin; and spend a half day for exploring historic sites, include colonnaded cube royal palace; Chehel Setun Palace, beside Aminiha Hoseiniyeh, O/N Qazvin

Day 4: Rasht

Continue our way to Rasht, via a pristine and healthy regional in the heart of the forest, we have Barbeque in Vistan Lake; where you can fishing beside bird watching, O/N Rasht

Bride of Persia Tour - Rasht
Bride of Persia Tour - Rud khan Castle

Day 5: Fouman- Masouleh – Anzali

Being your adventure head to Fouman and visit the very impressive Seljuk-era mountain Rud Khan Castel, hiking up and after some rest, head our way to Masouleh; a millennium old beautiful village, O/N Anzali

Day 6: Anzali – Ardebil

Take a boat ride on the alluring Anzali Lagoon, enjoy its beauty nature of this lagoon, then drive to Ardebil via incredible road of Khalkhal- Asalem, and discover your opportunity to see Iran beauties in Bride of Persia Tour. O/N Ardebil

Bride of Persia Tour - Anzali Lagoon
Bride of Persia Tour - Sheikh Safi Mausoleum

Day 7: Ardebil – Sarein

Visit the magnificent Sheikh Safi Mausoleum (UNESCO Heritage Site); the most dazzling Safavid monument, then head your way to Sarein; known for hot springs, you can feel gravel under feet and sense water that comes from ground, O/N Sarein

Day 8: Tabriz

Early morning make your way to Tabriz, a gigantic, sprawling city, and exploring historical Tabriz, visiting the magnificent, labyrinthine covered Bazaar (UNESCO-listed), beside Kabud Mosque, Eilgoli Building, and Shardari building, O/ N Tabriz

Bride of Persia - Eilgoli - Tabriz
Bride of Persia Tour - Jolfa

Day 9: Jolfa

Jolfa was once a major Armenian settlement famous artisans, the west of jolfa you can find the the main tourist drawcard Armenian Church; St Sephanous, a UNESCO World Heritage, then drive to quaint troglodyte village, Kandoven, O/ N Kandovan

Day 10: Zanjan

Zanjan as a base to see the magnificent Mongol-era, Oljaytu Mausoleum at Soltaniyeh (UNESCO World Heritage), beside, Rakhtshorkhane; as a Museum of Anthropology and Bazaar, O/N Zanjan

Classic Tour - Bride of Persia
Bride of Persia Tour - Takhte Soleiman

Day 11: Takab (Takht-e Soleiman)

Takht-e Soleyman; ringed by 1500 years old fortress walls subscribe as UNESCO Heritage Site, is one of the most memorable sights of western Iran, tonight you are guest of local in traditional home in Takab

Day 12: Palangan - Kermanshah

After eating local and fresh breakfast, we head to Kermanshah, via one of Iran’s most picturesque villages, Palangan, with its earth-colored stoned houses, O/N Kermanshah

Bride of Persia Tour - Kermanshah
Bride of Persia Tour - Taqe Bostan

Day 13: Kermanshah – Hamadan

Afterwards, Kermashah developed in the 4th century AD under the patronage of Sassanian kings, spend the following day visiting Achaemanid-era stone carving of Taq-e bostan & Bistun (UNESCO World Heritage), and drive to Hamadan, O/N Hamadan

Day 14: Hamadan- Khoram Abad

Hamadan was once one of the ancient world’s greatest cities, base yourself here for visit to ancient cuneiform rock carving, Ganjnameh, beside Easter & Mordecai Tomb; the 14th century tomb tower was the most important Jewish pilgrimage site, and Baba Taher and Avi sina Mausoleums, then drive to charming lurish, Khoram Abad, O/N Khoram AbadAfterwards

Bride of Persia Tour - Hamadan
Bride of Persia - Shush

Day 15: Shush- Shushtar

Shush, is pleasantly small, relatively new town with vast archaeological site, splendid castle, enigmatic Tomb of Daniel; then after make your way to Choqa Zanbil, a magnificent 3000 years old Elamite ziggurat, and Shushtar; with its mesmerizing, Roman-built hydraulic irrigation complex, O/N Shushtar

Day 16: Ahwaz- Tehran (Departure Day)

At last, drive to Ahwaz and for the last day you can relax in classic tea houses and meet the friendly local in the world, then flight to Tehran, transfer to IKA, End of your Bride of Persia tour and go home.

Bride of Persia Tour - Ahvaz

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