WARNING! the consequences of this trip is on yourself

darkness…sudden shouts…shapeless shadows…this are the main items of scary movies. but places I’m about to tell you are litherly going to scare the hell out of you. so I hope you have the belly for it.



A garden unlike any other… a masterpiece has formed out of anger and desperation… the last struggle for taking back his right…the stone garden of Darvish Khan.

Our story began in a village of Sirjan, a city of Kerman province. An old man from an old family lived happily tough he was deaf and speechless. A kind wife, two strung sons and plenty of land was his fortune. Until the government took a considerable amount of his lands. He couldn’t do anything about it. He struggled…fought…begged and cried but no one could do anything. His lands were gone. He lamented for a long time. His land was going dry and he was unable to prevent it. One night he jumped out of bed so suddenly. He was surprised and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. In the morning, he went to mountain and madly looked for stone with holes. He gathered them in his remained lands and started hanging them from dried threes. After he finished, he was yelling out of joy. His son says: dad told us he build a garden who would never be dried or destroyed. Was it a decision out of grief? Was his actions caused by madness? No one knows for sure. But whatever it was, old man was relieved to have such immortal garden, Even if it is a stone one.
To day the legacy of Darvish khan is guarded by his son. They welcome visitors all over the world. You can take pictures with his metallic Strange stick and other his belongings. You can visit the garden and be amazed by the shape of stones such as faces, fruits and etcetera.


Fog…coldness…silence ..out of reach… loneliness…all you see is jungle and a creepy lake…
Mamraz lake is a unique place to challenge your self. A grate opportunity to see how much is your dependence to technology. If you scared easily then don’t even think about camping there. That’s right, camping. Actually one of the good things about this place is completely out of rich and pure. No Wi-Fi, no signals… . Camping at night need some emergency equipment and a lot of guts!. Whisper of the wind…darkness…and Strange movements on the surface of lack. Local people constantly reported Strange shapes wondering around at night… so, are you ready to do this?


hunted castle

In an island, far from the crowd of people; there it is… Jenni fortress.

This fortress used to have military uses, but for some reason, people suddenly abandoned it. Local people say this fortress is the territory of demons. Natives will recommend you to don’t visit it in any circumstances. They would tell you many horrible and scary experiences if find out you are about go there. They would try to stop you.

Of course all of it is for good reasons or we better say bad reasons. At night you can hear screams and shouts from unknown sources. Shapes and shadows all over the place… they even try to hurt you sometimes. It seems they enjoy to scare you.

Kish island is the is the owner of this fortress. If you wish to experience some paranormal activities in real life, don’t forget to visit this place.

Valley of stars

south of Iran has always been a place full of rumors.

This time we are in Qeshm island. near Berkeh hkalaf village, is a huge valley called ‘valley of the fallen star’. this valley has over 2  million old and let me tell you, its not a place to joke around.

at night, you cant find even a single person of natives in there. you might have heard about whisper of the wind but in this valley, you probably  gonna hear More than just whispers… there are even reports of missing people. those who has found were mostly gone mad.

but there is a reword for those who are brave enough to go there at night. we wont tell you what it is. check it your self and find out.

Jinn cemetery

In the far eastern part of Iran, in Sistan and baluchestan province, there is village called ‘Tis’. but the village itself is not our destination. 

when we say the word Cemetery, we expect a grave yard that dead people are in it and it is scary enough. But what if those who are buried were not Human?

‘jinn sant’ cemetery is a place to bury Jinns in locals beliefs. people say they can hear screams and weeping of demons above the graves.

they don’t go there at night cause Jinns consider that as an act of disrespect. If you ever show up in the night of ceremonies, they shall curse you to die in horrible way in days!

Screamer forest

Screamer forest

There are many hunted forests in all over the world, but this one has something different. Near Mashhad city, around ‘Sarborj’ village, you can find a forest witch local people call it ‘Screamer forest’.

It might be interesting for you to know that this forest  was not hunted until very  recent years. there is a seasonal river in the valley of forest. but since the forest screams at night, this river has not gone dry…

some people say screams are caused by crickets invasion. some say its because of the weather. what ever it is, it is still interesting to visit a screaming forest.

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