Iran Deserts

Iran is very old if you study it on geology aspect. There for, so many geology phenomenons exists that worth seeing. One of these phenomenons is Iran ِdeserts. 

Only people who truly enjoy nature can deeply understand the greatness of dessert. This gracious aspect of nature has no balance in choosing sides. Some people deeply love it ant some people are terrified to go there. But those who love it know the peace and quite of desert night can not be replaced with any thing. 

Being in desert is not just about silence and relaxation. You can experience many kind of attractions and activities in it. Here we go to see some of best Iran desert. 

Some of best Desserts


Dasht-e Lut

When we talk about  Dasht-e  Lut, the first thing that comes to mind is some sand, but the fact is that this plain is such as carpet, each part of it has a phenomenon inside its heart.  About a quarter of Iran‘s territory is desert. Dasht- e Lut is a desert located in southeastern Iran, ranging of it  from north to south about 900 km and west to the east, about 300 km. The highest sandstone pyramids of the world are in this plain. There have been signs of human habitation in the fourth millennium BC in this vast plain where massive  earthquakes  happened. According to the discoveries that have already been made, geologists have been able to find ancient objects belonging to the third and fourth millennium BC in the area, which represents human habitation in this vast plain.


Dasht-e Kavir

Dasht-e Kavir, the central desert or great salt desert, is a vast desert located in the heart of  Iran plateau at a distance of 300 km from the east and south east of Tehran province. It is about 800 km length and 320 km wide and the mud salt marshes covered the surface. Tens of millions of years ago, a salt water Lake swept the desert, surrounded by a small territory located in center Iran. After the water was dried up, a layer of salt was composed of 6  7 km in the areaDasht-e Kavir is known as one of the Earth’s heat poles. The temperature in the daytime sometimes reaches 50 degrees Celsius and the temperature difference is 70 degrees over the day and night. The vegetation of this area is often mixed with the species of saline plants.


Maranjab Desert

Maranjab Desert is one of  small but beautiful Iranian deserts located in the heart of the central deserts of Iran. The desert has very beautiful carvansara, known as the Maranjab Carvansara. It is one of the 999  carvansaras that Shah Abbas built in Iran

It is located near Aran and bidgol salt lake  and it is a good opportunity to see a its beautiful sunset. It also offers you a different experience to watch the movable island The inn is surrounded by huge towers and walls surrounded by the golden sands of the desert, and today it is used as a host in the form of a traditional lodging. The farther away the inn is, the more you find yourself in this endless expanse of sand, which in some respects is filled with Haloxylon trees. If you look a bit at the sand dunes, then you can see the footprints of desert animals like cats and sand dunes that have come out for a moment to hunt.
It may be called  heart of Iran deserts as it lies at the center of the central deserts of Iran, which is due to its proximity to the capital and appropriate geographical features, a safe space and a relative climate suitable for the development of tourism and long – term investmentsThe beauty of this desert is inexhaustible; the dunes are high, the unique salt lake, the movable  island  which lies in the middle of the lake, and all to the beauties of the desert.


Varzaneh Desert

The Varzaneh desert is one of the beauties of the eastern part of Isfahan province and the central part of Iran. It is located about 117 km away from Isfahan, 10 km from the city of Varzaneh. It is located in the southwest of the International lagoon, and the area is  something about 17,000 hectares. In the heart of this wilderness, large sand dunes can be seen in a very beautiful shape, forming a wide variety of shapes, including long hills,crescent and sand pyramids. 

Irans largest desert entertainment site lies in Varzaneh Desert. Al sorts of desert entertainment can be found in this beautiful one of Iran deserts. 


Mesr Desert

Mesr desert has a great charm that  make your eyes gaze upon it

The Mesr desert lies beside the village called by the same name. After crossing the road and passing through the desert areas, the village appears. The village is the source of many enjoyments! Camel riding and staying the night over are some of good things about it. Nickname of Mesr desert is ocean of sand. Simplicity and silence are the best reasons for going to the middle of this desert, which attracts many. But there are many amusements that cannot be sparedIn the desert, you can create new experiences of excitement and create a good memory.

if you have traveled to any of above deserts, please share your experience with us!


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