Iran Caves

Caves has always been challenging. People who choose caves for visiting are rather brave or just simply loca! 

Iran caves can be both extraordinary and pretty dangerous. These splendid phenomenon requires skill and advanced equipment.

But some of them are easy ti watch and enjoy. Some of them are huge water caves that you can just relax and just be amazed by the beauty of it.

Echo of each sound… magnificent stalactite and stalagmites… all these will bring you a different kind of peace! 

Some of best Caves


Ali-Sadr Cave

Ali-Sadr cave is one of the largest water caves in Iran and the world. Also it is one of the largest caves that has the possibility of riding boats. 

Due to the large difference in the temperature outside the cave and the cool weather of inside, it is one of the attractive points for exploring in the warm summer season. 

In this cave, you face amazing geological landscapes, and the miracle of nature can be seen closely. 

Ali-Sadr cave is located in 75 km northwest of Hamedan city, lies in the town of KaboodarAhang, near Alisadr Village. 

The height of the cave rises above sea level to 2180 meters, but since not all the angles and corners of the cave have been discovered, no one knows the length and depth of the cave. Up to this point we know that some underground holes extend to 40 meters, and the depth of the cave lake varies between half a meters to 14 meters.

The most fascinating part of the cave is its vast blue lagoon, which allows for sailing and penetrating the parts of the cave. The wide expanse of water you can poke around in different parts of the cave and explore the sights and shapes that are known and unknown. Only a few caves in the world, such as the milos Cave of France, the knight and Bokan caves in Australia are as beautiful as Ali-Sadr Cave.

Sahvalan Cave

The Sahvalan Cave is one of the largest water caves in Iran. It is located in the village with the same name. 

The cave is located at a height of 2222 meters above the sea level and is divided into two dry and water parts. The water portion is 1751 above the level of the international waters. You have to move up to 20 meters of the cave’s main entrance to reach it. The height of the roof of the cave to the lake level also reaches 50 meters, and the water depth in some parts is 30 meters. The total area of the cave also reaches 2, 000 hectares.

 The temperature within the cave is varies between 10 and 13 C and the moisture inside it reaches 70 – 80 %. The lower we move down  the heavier air gets, it may even smell a faint fragrance of sulfur. The dark space of the cave has got bright and beautiful by many spotlights.  When we get to lower parts of the cave, a large lake is located in front of us. 

In order to go around in different parts of the cave, you will need to get in the paddle boats so that you can reach out to different parts of the cave to see everything from up close. The initial lake is about 200 square meters wide, and its height reaches 50 meters. The water is clear and bright, and sometimes with a drop of water from the ceiling, the sound of a drip drip into the cave will echo and lead you to the world of illusion.

ghar-parauv-Ghar Parau-IranTours-zhinoPars

Ghar Parau

In 12 km northeast of Kermanshah, Parau Mount can be seen as one of the highest peaks in of the province at the edge of Chalabeh village. Glory of it makes eyes fixed on it. It is also called the deepest and impassable caves of Iran. It is a cave with length of 1454 meters and the depth of 752 meters. It is located between the Taq-e Bostan Mountain and Bisotun Mountain in the southern part of the region called the Parau Square. 

This unique cave used to be known as the biggest vertical cave in the world (in 1971) which gave it the nickname, Everest of Caves. But after that, as time passed more discoveries were made among the caves around the world, the Parau cave was went down to 221 on deep cave world list. But this Mysterious cave in Iran still remains prominent in the world because of its stability at 3000 meters above the sea level.


Chama Ice Cave

The Chama ice cave lies in the vicinity of Sheikh Alikhan village. It is located 25 km away from the functions of the Central District of Koohrang, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. The Chama Ice Cave is located in front of the chama plain and looks like a Great valley and a snowy barn, with pillars of snow down to 50 meters. In addition, this glacier, Chama is also known as the largest freshwater source in Iran.


Yhakh Morad Cave

Yakh Morad cave is one of the rare specimens among Iran caves. The cold world in the cave looks fantastic with ice columns, and it makes a lot more fun to endure the cold. 

Entering this cave is a very exciting experience, since it invites you to explore a different world. It makes you feel welcomed between the icicles and the cool air within the cave and gives you a lasting memory. This cave has stalactites and stalagmites, which looks very beautiful. The entrance of the cave lies at a height of 2500 meters above the sea level, and the length and width are 8 meters and 3 meters. Three large chambers, three underground glaciers and seven wells with 30 meters deep cover up the various parts of the cave. This cave has spring sloping to about 30 degrees. This cave was formed about 50 million years ago under the sea.

if you have visited any of above caves, please share your experience with us!


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