Ghalieh Meygoo, one of the most acknowledged foods of the south regions of Iran.

 What is it?

Ghalieh Meygoo (shrimp stew) is one of the most acknowledged foods of the southern regions of Iran. It’s no surprise that as all of the southern meals, this one is also spicy.


What are the Ingredients?

 Its main ingredients are tamarind, cilantro and of course shrimp (or fish); It also contains garlic, tomato sauce, potato,

 fenugreek, pepper and the base of Persian cooking, onion. It has dark look, sour taste and stunning smell. 


How is it served?

It can be served both as lunch or dinner, with either rice (chelo) or bread and slices of onion and radish on side. If you

 are a fan of sea food don’t even consider missing this delicious, different special dish.    


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