Baghela Ghatogh, An easy Persian dish from north of Iran


In this article, we’re going to introduce Baghela Ghatogh, an easy Persian dish from north of Iran. North of Iran and particularly Gilan is famous for its numerous unique foods. Surprisingly, many tourists travel to that region just to taste those wonderful foods. Due to its climate and fertile soil, this region is a home to plenty of plants and herbs. Undoubtedly, that leads to vast food recipes. 


It’s good to know that Ghatogh literally means a stew which is eaten with bread. The main ingredient of Baghela Ghatogh is baghela (fava bean). It also contains dill. And as all of the other Northern Iran Foods, a great deal of garlic. In addition to those, they add egg at the end of the cooking which is also typical of the region.

Baghela Ghatogh has an attractive green appearance. It’s served with bread or local rice (Kateh), which they cook in a different way from the rest of the country. They eat it both for lunch and dinner. Definitely, various kinds of local pickles are served beside this delicious food. Obviously, Baghela Ghatogh is a simple, healthy and vegan food, other than the eggs.
Finally if you’re in the region and don’t try at least a couple of local foods, you’ve really missed a pleasant experience!

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