On your exciting journey to the north of Iran, Ardabil is one of the fascinating cities to visit. It has an appealing climate in summer with stunning bright green mountainous landscape which is a real asset. It’s famous for such things as Sheikh-Safi-Addin shrine, top milk, honey, sunflower seeds, meat, Ashe Dough (yogurt soup).  The small city of Sareyn near Ardabil known for its magical and healing hot springs is a must see.


There are totally seven thermal springs in Sareyn (literally meaning spring outlet) an inactive volcano in mount Sabalan heat these springs. Sabalan is the second highest mountain in Iran. It’s famous for having an acidic lake on the crater top.

Gavmish Goli is the most important spring because it’s the hottest. It still keeps its traditional mood and atmosphere. Almost all of the other springs have turned into modern spas and pools and water parks along with high facility hotels. These hotels provide you a pleasant and qualified stay.

Containing Sulfur particles, hot water is reportedly beneficial to bone and joint injuries and pains, spinal aches and myalgia. It’s also useful to decrease stress, tension, depression and help you experience quite a relief!

sareyn springs


As you walk through the streets of Sareyn, you notice modern and traditional restaurants all over the city.  They fill the air with delicious and pleasant smells of Persian meals. The smells embrace you and lead you to find yourself unconsciously waiting for your dish in one of them. Besides, most stores provide the best honey and top milk ever.

Finally, you won’t regret spending an enjoyable leisure time utilizing hot water, mild weather, marvelous view and wonderful meals all together!  

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