Qalat Village

Duration : Optional

Group Size : Min 4, Max 10

Included meals : Optional

Trip Notes : Eco-Tourism

Qalat village is a side tour that you can choose to visit when you are in Shiraz. This beautiful village has two parts. A part which had repaired  recently and it is for purpose of tourism. The other part is older with an outstanding nature. Both parts are pretty and worth seeing.

Qalat Attractions

Take a little distance from Shiraz and move northwest to one of the most interesting villages in southern Iran, Qalat village! This good weather village, has about 7,000 people, and is the best option for leisure time in Shiraz. Qalat It is a village and indeed a piece of paradise lying on the ground. When you walk into the village and walk into the gardens and its nature, you will see the few thousand – year – old trees in it, and you can enjoy it a lot!

The spring that are flowing from the mountain, the source of them is in top of the mountain.

The village of Qalat is one of the villages targeted by tourism in Fars province and the reason is a few thousand years old age of it. A church on the hillside and among its towering trees is evidence of this claim. The village is situated in a mountainous district in Shiraz County, where the concentrated residential fabric in which it exists has left a lot of villagers in the past, and still some houses that are left on a flight of steps on the slopes of these high mountains. Houses aren’t visible within a kilometer away from Qalat village, and tall trees cover all of them. Most of the houses in the village are made of stone, adobe, mud and gypsum. 

When you enter the village of Qalat in shiraz, you will see landscapes and natural features formed from green and broad gardens. If you go to this village in spring, it will be as pleasant and dreamy as if you had been to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. The physical fabric of the mountain architecture, winding paths, and streams, have contributed to this village‘s unique appeal.

Watching the water pass through the rocks, listening to their impact on rocks, can be a unique attraction for the tour in this village. Beyond the rivers of the Shab Shotori and Anjiri fountain, with a cover of wiled plants, wild flowers and medicinal plants like thyme,

Puneh and can make you enjoy the rare attractions!

Qalat Images


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