Persian Bazaar

An important part of all ancient cities of Iran is Bazaar. Persian bazaar acts like the spinal column of the city. It is not just a place to do daily shopping. Persian Bazaar holds many events inside of it, and that is the most important difference between traditional Persian bazaars and mall centers.

Structure of Persian bazaars is like a big root. It is like that this place is woven to the city. You can say exactly where the Bazaar starts but you can not say for sure where is the end of it.

Those who work in Persian bazaar are called Bazaari. Bazaaries always have been in the wealthy rank. Even no a days! It doesn’t   matter how much technology the mall centers have, Iranian bazaar has always been crowded and alive! A huge reason for it is the architecture of it. We are going to present the architecture of Iranian bazaar.

All Parts of Persian Bazaar

Raaste:  Raste is the main corridor of bazaar. it is used for retail selling. It has a taller ceiling and shops has two floors.

Raaste of Vakil Bazaar

Raste: raste is like a branch of Rasste. It covers more specific needs and wholesale. This way, no one can commit to sell thing more Expensive. It has shorter ceiling.

Raste of Vakil Bazaar

Chahar Soogh: Meeting of two main corridor that gives us a view of four directions of bazaar. They usually have high ceilings and are more expensive than other stores. 

Chahar Soogh of Vakil Bazaar

Sara: It is one of Raste branches. It is a place that stores are located around a circle  courtyard without any roof. That is why it is more safe. They usually have a seignior. 

Sara of Vakil Bazaar


Timcheh: It is like a Sara but it has a roof on it. Because they have a seignior, they have more decoration and embellishment.  That is why they are the most beautiful element of Persian bazaar.

Timche of Aminoddole

Qeysarie: It is like a Timche but the king itself has ordered to built it. 

Qeysarie Bazaar of Isfahan

Other Elements of Bazaar

Old bazaars are one of the places where you can be shown with a beam; in these places you have the opportunity to buy and compare prices, you will also see the historical effects, and you will find a lean opportunity to speak with people. In the marketplace, everything is available to make a compelling experience for yourself.

There are many of Persian handcrafts like Minakari, Khatam, Kilim and… Also many delicious yummy an goodies! If you visit bazaar in moharram or Nowruz, there are many amazing events too! Persian bazaar is full of life. smell of spices, kilims,sound of copper workers… they all gonna make your day a perfect experience.


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