Duration : Optional

Group Size : Min 4, Max 10

Trip Notes : Eco-Tourism

Included meals : Optional

Accommodation Grade : Wooden Cabins

Transport : Air plain /Car/Van

Rasht is known as world heritage site for making unbelievably tasty foods! So far that this calls as city of food! Masal is a part of Rasht that we can say is perfect and untoched. Those who enjoy to spend time in nature, are going to love this place! This tour is a side option. You may choose one of our tours and at the end, go to Masal. It is also possible to pick this tour but its a bit challenging to stay in faraway places. The cabins do have power and water but the power is provided with engine and the water sours is the nearby wellheads around the cabin. There is also bathroom and kitchen in these cabins.

Tour Highlight

Masal Road

Olsabalngah Village


Olsabalangah in Masal  is a heavenly village in Gilan province, and is a country with charming nature, with its green outlook on the side of wooden houses, people who still believe and preserve their old traditions and their wild horses every moment. Olsabalangah in the Talesh language means horn beam trees on height”

The road to the village of Olsabalngah is filled with twisted and crowded trees that bring you into stories and dreams. The path to which you will forget the time. The beauty will overwhelm you

The exotic and wild nature of this village is beyond the notion that, as far as it is described, you can never get the right understanding of so many beauty. Rural life is also incredible in this village, so how many times has it been that you wake up in the morning with the sounds of animals and birds, look out of the window and start the morning with the sight of a large green pasture, wooden cottages and the warm fire?

You probably have seen such things in movies , but the Olsabalangah village is where all these thing become real. Being close to the people of the village and eating local food, drinking water from the wellsprings, and walking along the welcoming trails, is the one that you can have in Masal!

Since Olsbalangah is at a height of 1489m from the sea level, you can keep the sea under your feet where you can witness, an amazing land escape beyond imagination. We suggest that under no circumstances, don’t forget your camera because the landscape that you can have from this village is a landscape of steep and fields at the side of the houses that sink in mist, wooden shacks beside crowded trees, shall make any one to wish to take a photo. 


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