Chogan (Polo)

An old Persian Sport/Game What is it? What’s its origin? What’s its history? How is its current condition? Introduction You certainly have heard of sports such as Hockey, Golf and Polo, which are respectively most popular in USA, Europe and South America. Well, let us tell you that all of these modern famous sports surprisingly […]

Koshti (Wrestling)

Persian Traditional Wrestling Wrestling( Free Style) How old is it? What are its forms? What are its features? Does it have a champion ship? What is it? Without doubt Iran’s national sport is Koshti (wrestling). From ancient times mankind has practiced wrestling all around the world and of course in Iran. Koshti is a combat between […]

Pahlavani and Zoorkhanei Rituals

Zoorkhanei Rituals, an Ancient Traditional Persian Work out What is it? What is the history and meaning behind it? Is it practiced currently? Introduction Exercising and trying to keep oneself in good shape, as it might seem, is not a recent concept tied to modern life. Pahlavani and Zoorkhanei Rituals that dates back to 2000 […]

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