Tang-e Chogan, A Sassanid Heritage. Introduction Tang-e Chogan is one of the major sites left from Sassanid period (224-637 AD). It’s located at about 120 km away from Shiraz and next to the ancient city of Bishapur. It’s actually a gorge (tange) in an absolutely pleasant environment. Shapur river that flew through Bishapur city had […]


A Sassanid city Where is it? What are its highlights? Is it worth visiting? History Shapur I, the second king of Sassanid monarchy, built Bishapur city in about 300 AD. To be specific, the remains of this well designed city are in almost 120 km away from Shiraz. Bishapur lies in an area of approximately […]


Naghshe-Rajab Sassanid Glory What is it? What can you find there? What is its antiquity? Is it worth visiting? What is Naghshe-Rajab? Undoubtedly, Sassanid dynasty is one of the most glorious eras in Iran history. This monarchy left signs of its dignity in various places in the country. for sure, one of these visit worthy […]


Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of Achaemenian in Iran


Naghshe-Rostam an Achaemenid Necropolis What is it? What can you find there? What is its antiquity? Is it worth visiting? History Obviously Achaemenid dynasty was the greatest monarchy of Persia. Consequently, it makes one curious about the eternal lying spot of those honorable rulers. Only about 80 km outside of Shiraz, the tombs of 4 […]


Sareyn On your exciting journey to the north of Iran, Ardabil is one of the fascinating cities to visit. It has an appealing climate in summer with stunning bright green mountainous landscape which is a real asset. It’s famous for such things as Sheikh-Safi-Addin shrine, top milk, honey, sunflower seeds, meat, Ashe Dough (yogurt soup).  […]

Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Mahan Garden Imagine the heaven, well let me tell you what is currently in your mind might be quite similar to Shazdeh Mahan Garden! Located in the middle of the Kerman deserts, this well-known Persian garden sparkles like a bright emerald. The garden At first as you walk through the entrance, a pleasant breeze […]

Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle The symbol of the struggle to survive against the invaders in the middle of the jungle In Gilan Province, 25 kms southwest of Fuman city, deep in the green alive dense jungles of the North of Iran, surprisingly lies the most special castle of Iran, Rudkhan castle (Qaleh Rudkhan). The ancient castle is […]

Masal Tour


Masal(Olsabalangah) Basic Inforamation Itinerary Inclusions Imortant Notes Prices Enquiry Now Duration : Optional Group Size : Min 4, Max 10 Trip Notes : Eco-Tourism Included meals : Optional Accommodation Grade : Wooden Cabins Transport : Air plain /Car/Van Rasht is known as world heritage site for making unbelievably tasty foods! So far that this calls […]

Persian Houses


Persian House Since the history of men began, house was the most important need of mankind. We always look for a place to be safe.  Iranians felt that need too. But of course with a bit of extra decoration.  Iran has a dry and hot climate. So it is necessary to build the structures in […]

Persian Bazaar

Persian Bazaar An important part of all ancient cities of Iran is Bazaar. Persian bazaar acts like the spinal column of the city. It is not just a place to do daily shopping. Persian Bazaar holds many events inside of it, and that is the most important difference between traditional Persian bazaars and mall centers. […]


Kilim Art Kilim  is one of the handicrafts of Iran. It is a kind of crafts that are woven mostly from goat hair and sheep wool. In the past, the they used it to cover the land, walls or as blanket for the domestic animals, but today it has also been used as a modern cover for urban homes.  The colors used for it are organic. Sometimes Kilims are washed whit tea and walnut skin. In all areas of Iran, especially east Azerbaijan province, Ardabil, Kermanshah province, kurdistan province, Fars province, Khurasan province, ,Hormozgan province and so on. But the most famous Kilims is made in Qashqai tribe. Lori kilimbafies are mostly black, green, blue, white with specific motifs of the region. The best texture is the great saddle bag to keep the furniture from the […]

Chaharshanbe Suri

Chaharshanbe Suri, Festival or Heritage? As much as we get close to Nowruz, people rush for many things such as shopping and cleaning. But one particular event we wait for is  Chaharshanbe Suri. This exciting event takes place in the last Tuesday night of Persian  calendar. The live and moving red of fire embraces the […]

Imam Reza Shrine

Iran Religious Tours - Imam Reza

Imam Reza Shrine, Precious gem of Mashhad Every year, 30 million people including lovers and pilgrims, from all over the world, go to Mashhad to visit this vast monastic complex to set foot on the  Imam Reza shrine (RA).It is interesting to know that the Imam Reza Shrine is the largest mosque in the world in terms of size and capacity of 500,000 as well as the third largest mosque in the world in terms of capacity.Inside the sanctuary, there are several floors, mosques, porticoes,museums, and libraries all have unique characteristics. During the year, one can witness the most important events  in the compound of Imam Reza, which are celebrated in the great splendor of the crowd. Before anything else, you need to enter with the purity of your body and soul, you will splash the water to the body as a symbol of the removal of impurity from your body.  Who is Imam […]


Persian Painting Persian painting has  the antiquity of  the beginning human history – since the presence of humans in caves until resent century. This painting was present in different styles and ideologies in historical periods.  In the Sassanid era, the Iranian painter Mani, left valuable works in the Arzhang book. From the beginning of Islam to the age of Seljuq dynasty , the Umayyad and abbasi rulers had monopolized the painting and avoided the growth of it among  people. In the first Islamic centuries, painting and Negargari were mostly used in decorating books. Usually the opening and margins of the book were painted and decorated. The art of decorating books flourished in the Seljuq dynasty, Mughal and Timurid rulers. From about the tenth century, painting was made independently. What is the philosophy of Persian painting? Iranian painting artists created images that, like grace, seem to be an embodiment of another world. Why is that so? Did they not know about perspective rules? Certainly […]

Mina Kari

Isfahan Heritage, Mina Kari Vitreous enamel or Mina Kari is a Persian art that has been forge out of fire and dirt, history of it goes back to about 1500 BC, and is used to adorn the ornamentation of the various instruments and dishes.  Metals such as gold, silver, and copper were made by certain glazed colors baked in hot heat.  Mina Kari is an art which has a history of over 5,000 years. According to experts and with the adaptation of Byzantine influences and Iranian works, this art has emerged in Iran and then has spread to other lands. Other works found in Europe have a long history, for example, six gold rings dating back to 13 BC in Cyprus, and the famous statue of the Greek Zeus is designed by this art, but it is still believed that Persia have been the source of this art.  What is Minakari? based on the studies, this art was first forged in Iran and then it has been spread to different parts of the world. Mina is transparent and comes from the combination of the oxides of metals and a few different salts. Mina must be exposed to high heat (750 to 850 C)in order to form colors based […]

Khatam Art


Persian Art, Khatam Works Shiraz is known by many vertu, the city of gardens, the city of monuments, the city of Hafiz, Saadi, the city of handicrafts and artists. City of genuine arts that have roots in the soil of the city. Among all other arts of Shiraz, Khatam holds a very special place. Shiraz Khatamkari has a good elegance in beauty and shape. The one who performs this art is called Khatamkar. Khatamkar artist has a collection of arts. Wood carving, carpentry, engraving and painting. Khatamkar must know the colors,  the wood, geometry, symmetry and mirroring. This […]


Previous Next Cyrus The Great, Father of Persia I am Cyrus…King of the universe…Great King…Mighty King…King of Babylon…King of Akkadians…King of the four corners of the world. This is the first sentence of Cyrus the Great in Cyrus Cylinder. The just king of Persia who raised up over 2,500 years ago in Iran, and put a part of the world that always have been in the chaos, in a peace and security that modern humans now have not succeeded in achieving them with all cultural, intellectual, and […]

Iran Churches


Christianity In Iran Son of God has many followers all over the world. An ancient country like Iran surly has many  of his followers. Churches and Cathedrals all over the country are a good  proof for it.  Iran Churches are mostly old with simple but detailed architecture. Each one of them has a beautiful story […]

Iran Articles

Here is everything you wish to know about Iran attractions! Traditions, customs, rules, even best foods of it! Articles of this post shall help you to have a better perspective about this country! We tried to cover most subjects in this post. It is a vast country and clearly has a lot to share! It […]

Persian Bath House


Iranians and social relations,even in bath house! In Iran’s old history and as well as the religion of Islam have been repeatedly confirmed by the cleanliness of the body and soul. for this reason, the baths and bathhouse had a specific place throughout the realm of Iran. According to President of the Association of Priest […]

Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral Where is Vank Cathedral? Vank Cathedral is located in Isfahan city, Jolfa district.  Jolfa is located in south of Zayanderud. By the order of Shah Abbas the first, soldiers built a city for armenians.  Jolfa is one of the traditional neighborhoods in Isfahan. Who Built it and Why? This cathedral is somehow  the […]

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