A Sassanid city Where is it? What are its highlights? Is it worth visiting? History Shapur I, the second king of Sassanid monarchy, built Bishapur city in about 300 AD. To be specific, the remains of this well designed city are in almost 120 km away from Shiraz. Bishapur lies in an area of approximately […]

Chogha Zanbil

What is it? Where is it? When was it built? What is the best time to visit it? The oldest Religious Construction in Iran Chogha Zanbil is actually the name of a ziggurat in Khuzestan Province, Iran. It’s located in almost 30 km away from the historical city of Susa. The Elamite king Untash Napirisha […]

Karim Khan Citadel

kharim khan citadel

An Old Huge Building in Downtown Shiraz Shiraz is one of the most important cities of Iran. As a consequence of choosing Shiraz as the capital of Iran during Zandieh dynasty, the city encompasses several reminiscences of that era. At the end of the Zand St., on a side of a wide square, Karim khan […]

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System


Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System Undoubtedly, among countless natural and historical sites in Iran, the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is a must see! It is surprisingly an advanced “industrial site before the industrial revolution” that furthermore benefits from a beautiful view. It traces back to 500 BC in Achamenidae era, but was mostly constructed during the […]

Lashkar Abad

Previous Next Lashkar Abad Who doesn’t like food, huh?! Do you ever wish to eat as much delicious food as you intend, yet not costing you a fortune? Have you ever imagined a street-long food self-service? [ Let me introduce you to Lashkar Abad district in Ahvaz city, Khuzestan Province. Welcome to the place where […]

Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Mahan Garden Imagine the heaven, well let me tell you what is currently in your mind might be quite similar to Shazdeh Mahan Garden! Located in the middle of the Kerman deserts, this well-known Persian garden sparkles like a bright emerald. The garden At first as you walk through the entrance, a pleasant breeze […]

Rose and Rose Water


Rose and Rose Water Festival in Kashan Damask Rose is deeply connected with Persian culture. They call it Muhammad flower, which is named after Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It grows in different parts of Iran such as Meymand in Fars, Azerbaijan, Yazd, Qamsar, Niasar and the most importantly, Kashan in Isfahan province. The festival An […]

Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle The symbol of the struggle to survive against the invaders in the middle of the jungle In Gilan Province, 25 kms southwest of Fuman city, deep in the green alive dense jungles of the North of Iran, surprisingly lies the most special castle of Iran, Rudkhan castle (Qaleh Rudkhan). The ancient castle is […]


Ashura, Symbol of Resistance Muharram is a very important month in the history of Islam, and it can easily be understood by sad looks and the streets in black. This month has a great event in the name of Karbala, a tragic battle that accrued a long time ago.  Iranians have long honored this month, and in every city and land they have used a special style of mourning to preserve the deep bond of indigenous traditions of religion, and to perform a meaning full event to the ritual. During the 9th and 10th of Muharram, which are known as Tasu’a and Ashura, the mourning plans come to a peak, and different customs and traditions are seen everywhere in this land. Along with the preservation of traditions and beliefs, everyone tries to show their grief at this massive disaster and to hold mourning for the best. In every corner of Iran, the mourning flags show the presence of tribes that shake their big flags on their hands and whispering a sad song. Story of Karbala Long ago, when […]

Iran Dark Tour

WARNING! the consequences of this trip is on yourself darkness…sudden shouts…shapeless shadows…this are the main items of scary movies. but places I’m about to tell you are litherly going to scare the hell out of you. so I hope you have the belly for it. Start Your Adventure THE STONE GARDEN A garden unlike any […]

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