Chogha Zanbil

What is it? Where is it? When was it built? What is the best time to visit it? The oldest Religious Construction in Iran Chogha Zanbil is actually the name of a ziggurat in Khuzestan Province, Iran. It’s located in almost 30 km away from the historical city of Susa. The Elamite king Untash Napirisha […]

Iran dress code

Iran dress code

Iran Dress Code What shall I wear in IRAN?! Most people think when they travel Iran, they should cover them self from top to toe. But to be realistic, it’s not like that at all! of course there are some rules to cover yourself a bit more but they are not that severe. to avoid […]

Lets taste Persian Foods

Persian Food Lets Taste Persian Foods! Sweet? Sour? Salty? We have them all! One of the best things about traveling is tasting new foods and local meals. In fact, some people only travel to eat! Well if you enjoy eating, Iran is certainly a perfect destination. Various weather and culture causes various kind of food. […]

Iran Dark Tour

WARNING! the consequences of this trip is on yourself darkness…sudden shouts…shapeless shadows…this are the main items of scary movies. but places I’m about to tell you are litherly going to scare the hell out of you. so I hope you have the belly for it. Start Your Adventure THE STONE GARDEN A garden unlike any […]