Grand Hotel Shiraz

Grand hotel Shiraz Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, Quran Square, Iran View on map Grand Hotel Shiraz in November 2013 with an area of 40 thousand square meters was put into operation. The hotel is located on the 14 floors of northeast Shiraz Mountains. The large hotel is also known as the Quran Gate. The hotel […]

Grand Hotel Tehran

Grand hotel Address: Tehran No. 391, Motahari Ave, Valiasr St, Iran View on map Tehran’s Big Four-star Hotel 1 is located in Master Motahari Street in the center of the Iranian capital and has two branches in the city. Featuring 210 luxurious accommodation units with all modern amenities and amenities around the world. The hotel is suitable for access to business, […]

Homa Hotel Tehran

Homa Hotel Address: 51 Khodami Street Vanak Square, Tehran 11369 Iran View on map Homa Hotel is a five star hotel in Tehran, located in the heart of Tehran, one of the best parts of the main street north of Tehran, Valiasr, giving you easy access to important economic, political, cultural, historical and major highways […]

Asareh Hotel

Asareh Hotel Address: No.1, Zarea Ave., Azadi St., Tehran 11369 Iran View on map Atrium Asareh Hotel is one of the most modern four star hotels in Tehran which was opened in 2009 in the center of the capital. With its quiet, pleasant and attractive atmosphere, this hotel welcomes its guests with a range of facilities and amenities. Facilities at […]

Ferdowsi Hotel

Ferdowsi Hotel Address: Tehran, No.20, Kooshk e Mesri street, Beginning of Ferdowsi Ave., North of Imam، Khomeini square، Iran View on map Ferdowsi’s four-star International Grand Hotel is one of Tehran’s largest hotels located in the commercial, cultural center of the capital, close to the Grand Bazaar and close to museums such as Ancient Iran, […]

Esteghlal Hotel

Esteghlal Hotel Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran Hwy, Iran View on map The 5- star Esteghlal Parsian Hotel, or the former Royal Hilton Hotel, with its two (renovated) and western (old buildings) towers, is not only the largest international hotel in Tehran, but due to its unique geographical location and facilities, one of the best options to stay in Tehran. In terms […]

Evin Hotel

Evin Hotel Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran Hwy, Hotel, Iran View on map Evin Hotel is one of the most beautiful 4-star hotels in Iran in a pleasant climate in the north of Tehran at the intersection of Chamran and Yadegar Imam Highways. The hotel’s location to the various highways makes it easy to access […]

Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 3, Sheykh Bahayi St, Iran View on map The Taj Hotel in Tehran is the only hotel that was opened in 2001 in accordance with the architecture and culture of India. This hotel is close to Vanak Square and has easy access to Tehran’s main highways, places and […]

Touba Boutique Hotel

Tooba Boutique Hotel Address: No.17 – Naseri St. – Africa Blvd- Tehran – Iran View on map The three-star luxury Tooba Boutique Hotel is Iran’s first boutique hotel located in one of the best and most climatic areas of Tehran, Iran. The hotel comprises 27 varied flats and has easy access to most of the […]

Parsian Azadi Hotel

Parsian Azadi Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Chamran Highway، Iran View on map The five-star long-standing hotel in accordance with international standards is undoubtedly the best, most popular and most luxurious hotel in the country and Tehran. Parsian Azadi Hotel has a special position due to its location in a pleasant climate and a spectacular view […]

Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas Palace Address: Behroud Sq, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran View on map The five star Spinas Palace Hotel is the most stylish and largest Tehran hotel with modern and unique architecture that was opened in the best part of Tehran on the high hills of Saadat Abad in November 2015. This hotel is a spinas […]

Traditional Manuchehri House

Traditional Iranian House Address: Alavi St. 7th Bastan St. Kashan, Iran View on map More than 250 years old, this three star Iranian hotel is now one of Kashan’s traditional residences with authentic Iranian architectural style, after 7 years of refurbishment, consolidation and restoration.The Iranian house has five different types of accommodation including: an upstairs, […]

Morshedi Boutique Hotel

Morshedi boutique hotel Address: Kashan – Kamalol Molk Square – Isfahan Gate Street – Bostani Alley View on map The four-star Morshedi boutique hotel is a 250-year-old historic house in Kashan, which was restored in 2015 as a traditional residence. The 2-storey hotel has eight rooms including four double-bed rooms, two three-bed rooms and two […]

Saraye Ameriha

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel Address: Alavi St. 7th Bastan St. Kashan, Iran View on map Saraye Ameriha Boutique hotel, is one of the largest and magnificent historical houses in Kashan. After restoration of the original design of the building, start as 5 star hotels in 2014, it dates back to the Zandieh period and therefore […]

Karim Khan Citadel

kharim khan citadel

An Old Huge Building in Downtown Shiraz Shiraz is one of the most important cities of Iran. As a consequence of choosing Shiraz as the capital of Iran during Zandieh dynasty, the city encompasses several reminiscences of that era. At the end of the Zand St., on a side of a wide square, Karim khan […]

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System


Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System Undoubtedly, among countless natural and historical sites in Iran, the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is a must see! It is surprisingly an advanced “industrial site before the industrial revolution” that furthermore benefits from a beautiful view. It traces back to 500 BC in Achamenidae era, but was mostly constructed during the […]

Lashkar Abad

Previous Next Lashkar Abad Who doesn’t like food, huh?! Do you ever wish to eat as much delicious food as you intend, yet not costing you a fortune? Have you ever imagined a street-long food self-service? [ Let me introduce you to Lashkar Abad district in Ahvaz city, Khuzestan Province. Welcome to the place where […]


Sareyn On your exciting journey to the north of Iran, Ardabil is one of the fascinating cities to visit. It has an appealing climate in summer with stunning bright green mountainous landscape which is a real asset. It’s famous for such things as Sheikh-Safi-Addin shrine, top milk, honey, sunflower seeds, meat, Ashe Dough (yogurt soup).  […]

Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Mahan Garden Imagine the heaven, well let me tell you what is currently in your mind might be quite similar to Shazdeh Mahan Garden! Located in the middle of the Kerman deserts, this well-known Persian garden sparkles like a bright emerald. The garden At first as you walk through the entrance, a pleasant breeze […]

Rose and Rose Water


Rose and Rose Water Festival in Kashan Damask Rose is deeply connected with Persian culture. They call it Muhammad flower, which is named after Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It grows in different parts of Iran such as Meymand in Fars, Azerbaijan, Yazd, Qamsar, Niasar and the most importantly, Kashan in Isfahan province. The festival An […]

Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle The symbol of the struggle to survive against the invaders in the middle of the jungle In Gilan Province, 25 kms southwest of Fuman city, deep in the green alive dense jungles of the North of Iran, surprisingly lies the most special castle of Iran, Rudkhan castle (Qaleh Rudkhan). The ancient castle is […]

Masal Tour


Masal(Olsabalangah) Basic Inforamation Itinerary Inclusions Imortant Notes Prices Enquiry Now Duration : Optional Group Size : Min 4, Max 10 Trip Notes : Eco-Tourism Included meals : Optional Accommodation Grade : Wooden Cabins Transport : Air plain /Car/Van Rasht is known as world heritage site for making unbelievably tasty foods! So far that this calls […]

Gulistan and Bustan

Saadi, Master of speech You who feel no pain at the suffering of others It is not fitting for you to be called human. Saadi Shirazi   Saadi Shirazi is a familiar name for every inhabitant of Iran, this ancient land; a poet who has a world wide fame and his verses are heard all […]

Persian Houses


Persian House Since the history of men began, house was the most important need of mankind. We always look for a place to be safe.  Iranians felt that need too. But of course with a bit of extra decoration.  Iran has a dry and hot climate. So it is necessary to build the structures in […]

Persian Bazaar

Persian Bazaar An important part of all ancient cities of Iran is Bazaar. Persian bazaar acts like the spinal column of the city. It is not just a place to do daily shopping. Persian Bazaar holds many events inside of it, and that is the most important difference between traditional Persian bazaars and mall centers. […]

The Conference of the Birds

Attar of Nishapur “Had I known how listening is superior to speaking, I would not have wasted my life preaching.” Farid al-Din Attar Wise, preacher, poet, philosopher, even a sage. All these qualities are true about him. A man way ahead of  his time…Attar of Nishapur. Attar is one of the greatest poet and philosophers […]

The Divan of Hafez

The Divan of Hafez, Divan of Lovers “The Earth would die if the sun stopped kissing her.” Hafiz Shirazi If one could form the actual love into word, it is Hafez. Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ-e Shīrāzī is not just an Iranian poet but a universal poet. His eloquence way of writing, by all means is […]


Kilim Art Kilim  is one of the handicrafts of Iran. It is a kind of crafts that are woven mostly from goat hair and sheep wool. In the past, the they used it to cover the land, walls or as blanket for the domestic animals, but today it has also been used as a modern cover for urban homes.  The colors used for it are organic. Sometimes Kilims are washed whit tea and walnut skin. In all areas of Iran, especially east Azerbaijan province, Ardabil, Kermanshah province, kurdistan province, Fars province, Khurasan province, ,Hormozgan province and so on. But the most famous Kilims is made in Qashqai tribe. Lori kilimbafies are mostly black, green, blue, white with specific motifs of the region. The best texture is the great saddle bag to keep the furniture from the […]

Chaharshanbe Suri

Chaharshanbe Suri, Festival or Heritage? As much as we get close to Nowruz, people rush for many things such as shopping and cleaning. But one particular event we wait for is  Chaharshanbe Suri. This exciting event takes place in the last Tuesday night of Persian  calendar. The live and moving red of fire embraces the […]

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