Shahnameh, Persian Identity

An outstanding epic story… A Way of saving Persian language… A Masterpiece forged out of patriotism… Shahnameh

Shahnameh is one of the most beloved books in Iran. As a matter of fact it is loved by all people in the world. After Arab invasion. Persian language was in a bad situation. People were slowly forgetting Persian culture and language. Until a brave man devoted thirty years of his life to build an structure that nor sun nor rain shall harm it. One man stood up against Arab invasion. Without a sword or shield, single handedly he fought in a way that no one could defeated him. Not back then and not even now. His name is Ferdowsi.

Who is Abu ʾl-Qasim Firdowsi Tusi

Abu ʾl-Qasim Firdowsi Tusi, mostly known as Ferdowsi was son of farmer (Dehghan). He was born in 940 AC in Tous. His father was a wealthy man and so was he. But he lost his fortune gradually in years. He spent most of his wealth in books and articles. He also traveled  a lot to gather knowledge and information. But in his last days, he became poor. In order to get a good supporter, he decided to present his book to Mahmud of Ghaznim Sultan of Iran. But he showed the cold shoulder and did not appreciated the glorious Shahname. He did regret that due but it was too late. The day that Sultan send him the gold and his apology, the poet was dead. Even his only daughter refused to accept the money of sultan. In the time of his death, some of fanatics of the city did not allow to bury him in the town’s cemetery, however his tomb now a days is one of the most beloved attractions of Tous! 

What is Shahnameh About?

After Arab invasion, Persian culture was almost destroyed. Many tried to retrieve that culture. People like Babak Khorramdin, Ya’qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar and Ferdowsi. Ferdowsi was the most successful one among them, cause he created an idea.

Shahnameh is about mythical warriors of Persia. Like all other epics, you can see love, war, gallantry and treachery. Amazing balance and harmony of the verses and splendour stories of it are truly admirable. Shahnameh consists of 49,618 verses. It starts with Pishdadian dynasty and ends with Arab invasion. If you wish to know about Persian heroes and myths, be sure to read this outstanding books.

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