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Shiraz is known by many vertu, the city of gardens, the city of monuments, the city of Hafiz, Saadi, the city of handicrafts and artists. City of genuine arts that have roots in the soil of the city.

Among all other arts of Shiraz, Khatam holds a very special place. Shiraz Khatamkari has a good elegance in beauty and shape. The one who performs this art is called Khatamkar. Khatamkar artist has a collection of arts. Wood carving, carpentry, engraving and painting. Khatamkar must know the colors,  the wood, geometry, symmetry and mirroring.

This noble and charming art has a history in Shiraz for 10 centuries! Nowadays, all over the world can make it but roots of Khatamkari belongs to Shiraz and this city still has the strongest claim to have the best Khatamkari.

How to recognize a good Khatam?

A high grade Khatamkari, is a handicraft that  has a few principles in its construction and its creation. first, order in geometrical shapes, second to observe the original symmetry of the this components,third having flowers with even scalene, forth ,having small triangles , fifth using bones and wire… there are still many other factors. But if you are buying Shiraz Khatamkari, you can be sure that it has the best quality.

How Dose it Made?

It is made up by two completely different stages; Khatam Chasbani and Khatam Pichi

In the first stage, Khatamkar uses woods such as ebony,

Yew, walnuts, nuts, and etc… and puts them along side of each other. and combining them with all kinds of bone,  copper, walnuts, nuts, etc. and finally together with these shapes, a new scheme called Parre is made. After that by putting them all together makes something  known as Ghame.

In the end of this process, Khatamkar makes it with a layer cut to the Ghame layer, it produces the fine Khatam sheets and by putting the leaves by placing thin wooden layers behind them

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