Christianity In Iran

Son of God has many followers all over the world. An ancient country like Iran surly has many  of his followers. Churches and Cathedrals all over the country are a good  proof for it. 

Iran Churches are mostly old with simple but detailed architecture. Each one of them has a beautiful story behind it. It might be interesting for you to know that the oldest church is located in Iran as well! 

Iran churches are beautiful, ancient with many tails to entertain you.

Vank Cathedral Cathedral, St. Thaddeus Monastery (Black Monastery), Kantur church (Russian Church or Orange Church) and St. Mary Church are the most famous ones among them.

The Vank Cathedral is a historical church that was built by the order of Shah Abaas the second. This church is the heart of the Armenians of Isfahan .


The Vank Cathedral Cathedral consists of a monastery, the main church and the nave, the house bell, the library, the museum, the clock tower, the episcopal residence rooms, the halls of assembly and printing place.

At the entrance to the Vank Cathedral, the Bell Tower is the most attractive building. Inside the church all the walls, the dome, and all the corners of the church, are decorated with oil paintings. The paintings illustrate (display) the themes of the Bible. Images of birth are seen from birth to Ascension, and on a part of the wall the day of resurrection, judging in resurrection day, heaven and hell views. Painting with the subject of the gospel is an integral part of the interior decoration of the Church of Vank Cathedral.

Orange Church, The smallest church of Iran

Throughout history, followers of different faiths have settled in place of Iran and created their own religious monuments. Christians in different cities created churches and used their best to pray for the best space.

In a distance past Qazvin was the capital of Iran, and is now regarded as one of the major tourist cities. One of the attractions is Kantur Church, that orange color attracts the attention of everyone; a church that once belonged to the Russians but these days is in deep silence.

There is a small, Orange  church in Qazvin that nowadays no one does not pray there, this church named as Borje Naghos (bell tower), During World War II, and the Russian had settled in Qazvin, and they named this church Cantor, because it means headquarters.

More About Orange Church

This little church resembles a lot of other churches built on the basis of a crusade. Plane of irregular polygon, the use of it glazed Orange brick in the facade and the roof of the domes distinguish this building from many of the city’s monuments and other churches.

Most of the facade is brick and made using brick and mortar. There are windows on the wall, drawn like a horseshoe, and between two rows of prominent brickwork. The innovation of the architects, of course, cannot be ignored in the use of geometrical forms, which gave a special impression. These forms can be referred to as decorative columns in the facade of the church.

The arches are one of the other elements that are abundant in the building, and in the rooms, inputs, chambers, and hall are used. This church was made small as they prayed in Orthodox religion. This church is remained from World War II, one of the few Orthodox churches in Iran, it is the only red church in Iran, it has been designated the smallest church in Iran and finally it is good place to by nice souvenir.

St. Thaddeus Monastery

Temples, churches and places of worship are filled with faith and love. This worship places stand steadfast and present their prayers with generous moments of serenity and light.

Thaddeus church known as the first cathedral in Christendom, and is one of the most valuable religious monuments in Christianity. 

Because of the importance of historical and intellectual value, the church’s name is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The church was built at the burial site of a Christian apostle. The church is the first church in Christendom.

By passing the time this church has taste different incident, the wars that took place in various historical periods such as Safavid and the wars that have occurred between the Persians and the Ottoman Empire have (destroyed some parts of this church) established deep scars on the ground so that there is still bullet marks on the walls of this monument. The holy building also survived natural disasters such as earthquake, but it is still interesting for everybody.


The St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew were one of the apostles of Jesus Christ who entered north – west Iran to promote the religion in the year 40 or 43 AD. The time of their arrival coincided with the arsacids rule.

Many people and Christians became Christian by the propaganda of the Apostles. After a while the King died, and another was seated on the throne. At this time the daughter of the King, along with thousands of people, still followed Christianity. Soon the King’s opposition to the Apostles and their companions began, and with his orders in 66 the followers of Christianity, including his daughter, and about 3,500 others were killed. The bodies of the dead were buried in the Thaddeus area of the present church. After years of this humanitarian catastrophe in 302, in the Kingdom of،Tirdad from the Parthian kings of Armenians, Christianity was declared the official religion of this country. The Church was built in black and white stones. Armenians believe that the body of the Holy Grail lies in the crypt at the right of the altar of the present church.

Christianity regards martyrdom as the greatest prosperity for mankind, and therefore, in the few days, July 26th and July1th it is a special ceremony that made Armenians and a number of ambassadors of Christian countries in Iran. The main event in the 4th of July is marked by the murdering of Thaddeus and his Christian followers and is considered one of the most important events in Armenians.

According to old custom, the participants will have to stay in the church for three days, but the decision is over the family for the number of days to stop in the church, and sometimes it takes more than three days to stop. Families in nearby towns also go to church only the second day and then return to their homes.

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