Tang-e Chogan, A Sassanid Heritage.



Tang-e Chogan is one of the major sites left from Sassanid period (224-637 AD). It’s located at about 120 km away from Shiraz and next to the ancient city of Bishapur. It’s actually a gorge (tange) in an absolutely pleasant environment. Shapur river that flew through Bishapur city had roots in this gorge. It’s claimed that Sassanid monarchy spent their leisure time here, playing Chogan (Polo). After all, what makes Tang-e Chogan to have historical value are 6 amazing bas reliefs on the rocks of the gorge and a stone statue of Shapur I, the second Sassanid king in a cave.

Bahram ll's victory over Arabs

In this relief Bahram II is sitting on a horse while in front of him Persians equestrians are guiding the Arabs. They are on the way to hand in their tributes including horses and camels to the King. This relief is in honor of the king’s victory over Arabs.

Bahram l Coronation

As the other Sassanid coronation scenes, the kings receiving the sacred crown from the Supreme Being, Ahura Mazda. This relief is by far the best Sassanid ones considering the details of the figures, their wardrobe and the animals.

Bahram ll conquest over rebels

The king is sitting in the middle of the scene. On his right side, Persian warlords are standing respectfully. While on the other hand, soldiers are bringing the arrested rebels to the king’s presence.

Shapur's Triumph over Romans

Shapur is in the center of the scene riding a horse. Three Roman Caesars are depicted in this relief. One dead under the legs of the king’s horse, one begging on the floor in front of the king and in hands of the king as a sign of being captivated. Furthermore 5 rows of Sassanid equestrians are behind the king. On the other hand, 5 rows of Romans with tributes in their hands are behind the begging Caesar, Valerian. This relief illustrates the magnificent triupph of Shapur over Romans. Altogether, 115 figures are beautifully carved in this scene which makes it unique in its kind in Iran.

Another Shapur's Triumph over Romans

This relief is the most preserved one among the six others. It again illustrates Shapur’s victory over Romans except with difference in arrangement and details.

Shapur's Story

Unfortunately, this bas relief is the most damaged among the others. It’s again what we know about Shapur yet in a new arrangement. This relief shows his religious coronation and his glorious triumph over Romans.


Tang e Cogan is next to Bishapur, the Sassanid city. Although visiting this site won’t take you much time, you get to see two of the most valuable Sassanid bas reliefs. Therefore, you would get more familiar with the second most important Persian Empire. 

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